Phoenix Comicon – A Week Later. The Photobomber Saga

Posted by on June 4, 2011 at 9:40 pm

I was originally going to write this article about comicon and my view of it a week after the fact.

When I was going through the photos we have in our dropbox account, though, I started to see a theme developing…

Keith, you sly fucker…

Who started as a mild mannered net-journalist soon became something much more…dark…sinister…funny…

Here's Keith in his civilian disguise. Note the sly grin and shifty eyes.

Keith…FEZ staffer by day, master ninja photobomber by con.

Ladies and gentlemen I present the FEZbomber.

Here he's throwing a juke...trying to look innocent...throwing off the cameraman.

Aaaand BAM! Rob gets bombed on!

This started out as a simple wardrobe repair


OH SNAP!! DOUBLE FEZBOMBED!! (The horse thingy tried to kick Keith in the pills when he was discovered)

From this angle, it's just another horse...pokemon...thing...

The pokehorse thingy catches Keith in the act.

And this last one, I love.

Keith’s either intentionally photobombing or he’s sticking his ass out, waiting for someone to slip him the sausage.

Either way, it’s damned funny.

Yeah...I think we have a new job description for Keith...

Be on the lookout, people. You never know when this sly, innocent looking photo-assassin is going to creep up and bomb on you. All you know is that it WILL happen.

You’ve been warned.

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