Rob Interviews His 90’s Crush – Erika Eleniak

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A month or so ago, we all sat down and wrote “theme” articles on our crushes from the 1990’s. Mine was Erika Eleniak, because…well…read the article and you’ll know why.

After the articles were written and published, I found myself in a short conversation with Erika during which she very gracefully agreed to let me interview her. It took a while to get it done, but we finally got our chance and here’s what happened.

Check it out, after the jump!

Rob: We miss you! Anything on the horizon as far as big films or television?

Erika: Thank you! Not at this point. I am focusing on getting my own business off the ground. I have LOTS of designs for both women and children and then some VERY SNARKY t-shirts for “grown-ups”. Lots of fun ideas I am working on bringing to fruition!

Rob: You MUST let us know when that’s ready to go. We love snarky t-shirts! Well, really, we love ANYTHING snarky but t-shirts allow us to be snarky without even trying! Now, according to my research, you’re single. We, at FleshEatingZipper, have a staffer named Keith. He’s young but he’s attractive, wholesome and moral. He’s also single. Enough about him, though! Want to do dinner next time you’re in the Phoenix area? I could save up a little and we might even be able to up-size our fries!

Erika: Research, huh? I laugh at “research” that circulates about me or anyone, for that matter. I mean really, don’t you? Some of it is quite entertaining. Remember, don’t believe everything you read! *laughs* Or perhaps another way to answer your question: “No comment from the peanut Gallery”.

(She digs me…I can tell!)

Rob: You have a daughter. Would you consider allowing her to get in to acting? What advice would you give her if she expressed an interest in following in your footsteps?

Erika: I do have a daughter and my advice to her is to find out what her purpose here is. How can she be of service, using the amazing gifts and talents she has been given? When you follow your OWN calling, you will be in bliss and in your right place. Whatever that is for her, I will be right by her side, in every way I can.

Rob: You enjoy riding motorcycles. I have a motorcycle…well…it’s not really a motorcycle, it’s a huffy but I clipped some playing cards to the spokes and it makes a mad realistic fwappafwappafwappa noise when I’m riding it. It also has a wicked stylish basket zip-tied to the bars. After our dinner, you can hop on the front and we can tear up the town, E.T. style. Thoughts?

Erika: Hmmm. I think I will be busy washing my hair. Did you know that you can get a ticket for “double-riding” if you let someone ride on the handle bars? *laughs*

(I think she made that whole business about “double-riding” up because she knows I get stalked by paparazzi all the time and she doesn’t want to be bothered. I can’t blame her.)

Rob: You’ve done numerous appearances in Playboy magazine, including Playmate of the month in July of 1989. What was that experience like?

Erika: I did the Playmate of the month, one celebrity pictorial following and I shot several covers for them. It was definitely interesting. I was very young and at the time, it was an exciting thing to do.

Rob: Obviously you’re very comfortable with your body and with being nude on camera. How do you think that helped your career in the early days?

Erika: NOT very comfortable being nude on camera! That is partly what made doing playboy such an interesting choice for me. That goes for partial nude scenes in films, too. VERY challenging for me, mentally *laughs*. Seriously, that is probably hard to believe for some but true. As for whether or not it helps to “boost” one’s career, I believe it absolutely depends on what kind of career it is you want.

Rob: That does come as a surprise…Now, on another subject, You’re in the process of building up a clothing company for babies. One day, some of our readers might accidentally have sex and that could result in babies. Where would they go to find some of your designs to buy?

Erika: *Laughs* I haven’t gotten that far yet. I am still in the developmental stages of building this business but I will let you know as soon as I am up and running with it all!

Rob: The staff here at F.E.Z. is basically a bunch of nerds. Have you ever played any video games or read any comic books? What are your thoughts on video games as an entertainment art form?

Erika: I am not a video game player or comic book reader but I am a big believer in “To each his own”. I am pretty old school…Go outside and get some sunshine! Climb Trees! But whatever brings you joy, as long as no one gets hurt,that is!

Rob: I tried to climb a tree, once. Half a dozen bee stings and 36 stitches later, my parents bought me an Intellivision and grounded me to the house until I was 24…Uhm…There’s a little spider crawling on my leg. Will you squish it, please?

Erika: Put it in a glass and set it free. Can you hop to the kitchen and get the glass, without knocking the poor thing off?

(I tried to hop to the kitchen but slipped on the tile and fell over. Half a dozen broken glasses and 36 stitches later, I started writing this article)

Rob: I’ve read that you like to do your own stunts. What was your most challenging stunt and have you ever been injured in the process of doing a stunt?

Erika: I did a fight film called The Opponent and I did ALL my own fighting. Very challenging and gratifying…and painful, at times! I have had nerve damage to my wrists and knee from “stunts gone wrong”, etc…Now that I am older, I am wiser. Let the wonderful stunt people do their jobs! But I do like doing some still!

Rob: Now, for that movie (“The Opponent”) you did a few weeks of boxing instruction. Have you continued on with that or any other form of combat art?

Erika: I did not continue after the film. Unfortunately, I severed 2 tendons in my right hand and that put a stop to my “boxing career”. *laughs* I have tried Krav Maga for fun, since then…Loved it!

Rob: Of all of the roles you’ve done, what was your favorite?

Erika: Playing Elly May Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies was my all-time favorite role to play.

Rob: And what was your most challenging?

Erika: The opponent was my most challenging.

Rob: OK…Last question – There’s this kid that hangs out at the video game store who picks on me every time I go there. He’s only 12 but he’s at least 5’5″ and like 105 pounds. He scares the crap out of me. After we finish tearing up the strip on the Huffy, will you tell him to leave me alone? Your boxing training should be more than sufficient to allow you to handle him if he gets rowdy. I’d really appreciate it!

Erika: Just tell him that he will lose all his video game privileges for a month and that will do it! See? Spoken like a True Mom.

(I tried this…he kicked my ass. Thanks for the “advice” Erika. My lawyer will be in touch.)

On the real, though, we’d like to thank Erika for taking the time out to answer our questions and for being such an amazing sport. There was all kinds of delay getting this done but she hung in there like a champ and happily played along with my silliness. She’s a super cool, fun, down to earth person and we hope we’ll get a chance to do another interview, in person, someday. Maybe we’ll get lucky and catch her at a con, somewhere (or maybe she’s on the phone getting the restraining order set up as I type this…who knows?).

Thanks, Erika!

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