Transformers 3(D) Wrecks Serious Face At Hong Kong Box Office

Posted by on July 4, 2011 at 7:56 pm

Transformers 3, despite not being the greatest thing since wavy tater chips, had a phenomenal opening week in Hong Kong, boasting the highest-grossing non-holiday-day of all time.

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The Summer bot-buster opened on Wednesday at theaters in Hong Kong and took in $6m HK (That’s about 770 grand here in the U.S.), beating out (ok, obliterating) the previous champ, Toy Story 3 which topped out at $5m HK to become the #1 non-holiday release EVAR!

Transformers 3 then went on to gross $40m HK during it’s first 5 days (That’s just a bit over $5m U.S. bucks, for those keeping track) to set the record for a film’s opening weekend.

To date, the highest grossing release in Hong Kong is Spider Man 3 (Man…those guys LOVE their part threes, don’t they?) which grossed $7.2m HK (just a squirt of hamster piss short of a million bucks, here in the land of the big P.X.) with it’s May 1, 2007 release…A public holiday in HK.

Hopes are high that Transformers 3 will break the $100m mark and become the first film NOT made by James Cameron to do so.

To set the record straight, though…tickets for 3d movies are about 75% more expensive than tickets for standard movies, in Hong Kong so…take it for what it’s worth.

And in more domestic news, the latest installment of the robot toy franchise scored an impressive $37.3m first day gross here in ‘murica, giving it the largest opening day gross of 2011.

All this being said, we here at FEZ have seen this and not a single one of us was impressed. From recycled footage to an extreme over-reliance on CGI the film just fell flat for us. Once, I saw of video of a grasshopper eating an aloe sprig…I was way more impressed.

SO, there you have it. Long live Michael bay…I guess…

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  • Twistafanone

    you guys are idiots!!! don’t talk about optimus prime like that, you pole smoking fags who weren’t impressed.  

    • 1) Not once during this article was “Optimus Prime” discussed.
      2) Your grasp of the English language is amazing.  Never before have I seen an individual with such a command over sentence structure, capitalization and phrasing.  I am truly in awe.
      3) More like “Optimus LAME”, amirite?

  •  Well, I consider 3 part to be the weakest one.. Many effects are similar to “Island” 2005 ( comparehere .. and actors are not so beautiful… and of course without Megan it is bad…

    • I disagree with this.  Less Megan = Less toethumbs and the world definitely needs LESS TOETHUMBS.