Oh LAWD! Star Trek TOS On Netflix Is Modernized And In HD?!

Posted by on August 13, 2011 at 12:32 am

It sure is!

I started re-watching Star Trek – The Original Series a few days ago because I was bored out of my brain. When I started streaming it on Netflix I thought, right away, that something was odd…Different…I don’t remember the Enterprise looking like that. They didn’t have special effects like that in 1966.

Then I started seeing planets and phaser beams and other things that just weren’t right. I’ll grant you that a lot of the effects looked the same but there were flashes…bits of video that just didn’t fit. Then I realized I was watching it in HD.

pew pew…Those phasers look good!

As the series went on, I saw more and more differences. The ship looks crisp as can be. Planets and asteroids and enemy ships are clear, clean, modern looking…not in architecture but in resolution and movement…Nothing like these things were 45 years ago.

Fresh CGI makes for a much more modern look at a 45 year old series.

HOLY CRAP! 45 YEARS?! That’s insane, man!

Now, I know that the new versions are out on Blu-Ray but not everyone has the $14 gajillion to drop on the boxed set so if you’re a Star Trek fan who isn’t independently wealthy, check it out on Netflix!

I’ll leave you with a few more shots. Enjoy!

Ow Lawd! Is dat sum teksturez?!
That planet on the right looks like…well…a planet!
Lighting effects, depth, texture…it’s all there.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I remember when they unveiled it a few years ago for the Blu-ray releases. I hate it. Somehow they’ve made it look shittier, like a really bad Syfy movie. There’s something so endearing about the original crappy effects and ships made out of cardboard.

    • Meh…I like it better this way. It truly feels less like I’m watching a show from the ’60’s which, as you know, can get someone kicked in the nuts if mentioned in the wrong company.

      I was pretty surprised that Netflix went with the new versions as opposed to the old, though.  They don’t usually seem the type to do the right thing.

      • Anonymous

        It was probably CBS’s decision. The thing is, the other 90% of the show looks like low budget 60s stuff, then you have these crappy interstitials that look like video game cutscene rejects.

  • Disappointed

    I can’t speak to the whole series as I’ve only watched one episode (The Doomsday Machine) but I agree with N Pfiefer – the new version stinks. Yes, the edges are cleaner, and the phasers look more like the probably should, but it’s obvious you’re watching something that belongs in a video game. The 60s special effects weren’t great, but the new ones are cheesy and seem to be made for gamers rather than Star Trek fans.