Review: Immortals Saga: Immortal

Posted by on August 25, 2011 at 4:39 pm

When I first picked up this book up I was worried. I normally avoid books done by small publishers because I’m hardly ever impressed with them. Immortal by Allison Cassatta, however, was a different story. From the first page on my attention was caught, the book is marketed as a paranormal romance, but really there is so much more to it.

Yeah, I said paranormal romance, but this book is no Twilight, it’s not overly romantic and there are no sparkly vampires. In fact, Allison’s vampires can be down right creepy, even though they are have a sexual nature. The story follows a family as they flee from an old enemy. The first couple of chapters feel like you might have missed a book before Immortal, but the back story is explained well enough through out the novel. Luckily, they aren’t explained through awkward flashbacks, but through journal entries of the main character, Madison. There is as much of a storyline in the journal entries as there was in the present time of the book.

Madison, Leo, Raven, and Steffi are all fleeing from a vampire named Niklas that had screwed everything up five years before the book starts. It is because of him that Madison is a vampire and that Steffi is in danger. A visitor comes to the door to warn the family that Niklas is hunting them and they must flee to France so that they can be kept safe by the Order. The journey proves to be hard on all characters, and Allison does a fantastic job of keeping the tension of impending danger.

Part of what makes the tension consistent is the journal entries that Madison writes so that the Order would have record of how she came to join their world and how Steffi was born. The journal entries provide an insight on how dangerous Niklas really is and the back story that the reader may feel was missing at the beginning of the story. I’m not into major spoilers, so I won’t be going into much more detail than this, but I will tell you that the end of the book packed a little more of a punch then I had expected and that Allison dared to stray from the ‘romance formula’ that many books tend to follow.

The writing style is very detail driven and can sometimes border on a too much detail, but that is also how the author keeps the readers in suspended and sucked into the story. It’s rare for me to find someone that does this well enough that I don’t get bogged down by it. Somehow she manages to keep the pace of the story with her massive amounts of details and yet manages to get across how the characters are truly feeling in their situations. The strangest thing about this book is how it is written and it took a few chapters for me to get used to it, but it didn’t distract from the story. The prologue is written in first person, only to switch to third person in the first chapter, this alone is not strange and I have seen it done in other books. This pattern continues through out the book switching at the points where Madison is writing the journal entries. This is something that did take getting used to while reading the book, but didn’t distract from the story.

If vampires are something you read, and you’re tired of the the teen-vampire craze, Immortal may be something you want to pick up. It’s available in e-book format, which is nice since the paper back looks a little pricy, which is often the case for smaller press books. I can tell you that I will be checking out the second installment of this series when it is released.

The e-book is available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

9/10 FleshEatingZipper

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