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Posted by on September 18, 2011 at 10:32 pm

After I wrote my article about the show “Survivor” licking fermented donkey scrot, I started looking around the interwebs for interesting shows which showcase real survival situations and techniques – a subject I have a pointed and personal interest in. I came across a few, some of which I will write about, and one of the ones I find particularly interesting is “Man, Woman, Wild”, on The Discovery Channel.

This show features real-life husband and wife couple Mykel and Ruth Hawke (That’s pronounced Michael and, yes, that makes his name “Mike Hock”. Go ahead and laugh…I did.), him, a former U.S. Special Forces soldier and her a British journalist and documentarian.

When I first started watching episodes of this show, I found Mykel to be a real prick. He often sounds very condescending and seemingly demeaning to Ruth as he is teaching her to survive (the premise of the show is that he is teaching her basic survival skills, which I believe is genuine considering her reaction the first time she started a fire, on her own, without a lighter) but I soon figured out, based on her reactions to him, that this is just the way they are as a couple…and she seems a bit spacey sometimes, anyway…Once I was able to put that aside I quickly began to really enjoy this show.

Mykel and Ruth are put in a number of survival situations (often at Mykel’s prompting, like when he pulled out a knife and popped their rubber boat off the coast of Tasmania) with little to no resources at their disposal. They pretty much always each have a knife of some sort and that’s usually it. From there, they begin working on the basics of survival and working on either escaping to civilization or waiting for help to arise…and he convinces her to drink his pee…I lol’d

In what I can only describe as a mix between “Survivorman” (YAY!!!) and “Man vs. Wild” (BOOOOOO!!!), the two set about the routine of saving their own lives in a number of environments. Filming everywhere from the bayous of Louisiana to the deserts of Mexico to the snow covered Alaskan wilderness, they build shelters, find food and water, make fire and work on not getting dead.

Much like Les Stroud and his show Survivorman, they often find themselves deep in the suck with no option but to eat bugs and small critters. Like Man vs. Wild, they have a crew with them and will accept help in they end up TOO deep in the suck (so far, they’ve had the crew step in twice – once in Mexico when Ruth was in the middle of getting heat-stroke and couldn’t even hold down water and once in Alaska when they found that they’d picked the wrong time to go on their adventure because the weather and cold was prohibitive to anyone happening across them with a rescue). UNLIKE Les Stroud, they’re not alone with a harmonica and unlike Bear Grylls, they don’t chopper out to the Hilton at the end of each day’s filming…they actually rough it.

If you have the time and inclination, I would absolutely suggest checking this show out. If you’re a fan of “Survivor” then you absolutely MUST check this one out so you can see how much that show sucks and what real survival is like.

Yeah, there’s no immunity idol when you’re wrestling with a large python, you pussies.

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