Netflix Strikes Deal With DreamWorks Animation, I Want DreamWorks Studio Though!

Posted by on September 26, 2011 at 1:26 pm

The news is big. This is the first time a major studio has picked an online streaming company over a TV channel. DreamWorks Animation and has agreed to stream their movies on Netflix starting in 2013.

Netflix offered DreamWorks Animation $30 million per title versus HBO at $20 million. Netflix will also allow the company to sell the movie online during the contract while HBO would not. This is good news for Netflix after they lost over 600,000 subscribers with a recent price hike.

When I first heard about this I was extremely excited because all I saw was “DreamWorks” thinking that Road Trip, Anchorman, Minority Report and other titles were coming to Netflix but instead it’s only going to be the animations like ShrekShrek 2Shrek the Third and that last one. Also other animations that I will probably not watch.

On another note even if I was super excited for these movies why is this stuff announced over a year before we get it? I’ve said many times that I want access to content right away and hearing about something like this will make me think hey, yeah I want to watch that now… but I can’t. I’ll forget that this is coming to Netflix soon… what were we talking about again? Oh look someone poked me on Facebook, tee hee.

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