Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 Continues With The Fourth Episode

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Sons of Anarchy continues on with season 4 and SAMCRO is still at it, hustling, getting up to their necks in crime and working on making enough money to…well…who knows what they want to make enough money to do? We just know they need MORE!

Some spoilers, after the jump.

The newest episode unfolds with Gemma working to get ties into a committee that will decide the fate of a park she has an emotional tie to. Why she’s gone all green all of a sudden is anyone’s guess but she’s all about making sure the park doesn’t get razed for development projects.

SAMCRO takes a trip to Tucson to visit with SAMTAZ and finds out there’s some shenanigans in the works.

Flashing back to episode 3, we find the members of SAMCRO wheeling and dealing with each other to secure votes as to whether or not they will be working with the cartels to move dope. Some people are dead set against it, others want it very badly. The backroom dealings and private talks get pretty deep as each side tries to pull other members into the fold.

As part of his dealings, Clay promises Bobby that he will promote him to chapter president when he retires BUT, Jax has already gotten clay to swear that he will back Opie for president when the time comes. This promises to turn into a huge crap-meat salad when the issue of who gets the club blows up in their faces.

Clay is exploiting every possible angle in an effort to make enough money to retire and carries on with that by lying to the man who is in charge of their ammo production, telling him that they are still charging the same for ammo as they were before so the tribe won’t want a bigger cut. A russian, who is buried up to his neck and being eaten by ants overhears Clay’s conversation with other members of SAMCRO, wherein Clay is talking about the fact that they are charging more, so Clay kills him. He was going to die anyway but Clay wanted to make sure he met the reaper before he had a chance to spill the beans.

That Clay…He’s such a mischievous little scamp!

Speaking of Clay and mischief. It doesn’t happen much on the airwaves, these days but boy oh boy did Clay tell Gemma to get a grip at the end of episode 3. With a grip on her neck, that is. I love Gemma’s character but I do often feel like she gets her nose a little too deep in other people’s business from time to time and I was actually somewhat glad to see Clay clarify the pecking order with her. I’m not sure it’s going to do much but I’m pretty sure she’ll at least be a little more subtle about what she does and when, for fear of Clay throwing her a beating.

I am glad she confronted Tara, though, because that whole over-dramatic emotional crap is starting to get on my nerves and is the only part of the show I’m not happy with. I want dirty, mean, greasy bikers with guns and pipes, doing evil on each other, not whiny chicks who need to get off the tit.

So here’s where we’re at right now.

The vote to work with the cartel has passed. Piney should change his name to Whiney because he’s being a little wussy about all of this and Bobby Elvis and Opie are both sure they’re going to be the next chapter president. Clay is killing anyone and anything that gets in the way of his retirement plans, Jax is being a little girl and getting all emotional about everything and the Assistant U.S. Attorney is skulking around, trying to build a RICO case on all of them.

Also, I have to say that the character of the AUSA is amazing. You can smell the corruption on him, except that he doesn’t seem to be corrupt. He’s just so serious about being the good guy that he’s evil as hell. Good writing there!

Episode 4 was a monster. I won’t spoil it completely but lets just say SAMTAZ got dealt with by SAMCRO and even if it didn’t go the way SAMCRO wanted, in the end, I think it’ll be a long time before anyone from the Tucson chapter gets lippy with Clay again.

Also, flowers? Really? BRB, I need to find a tree to hug.


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