Sons Of Anarchy – Season 4 Continues

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Sons of Anarchy…Last week I wrote a piece about Sons heating up and the the excitement that is to come. I also said that I’d be writing articles each week and that there would be some spoilers.

I won’t be dropping huge spoilers on the recent episodes but if you don’t want some things revealed, read on with caution.

So this is what’s happened so far. The guys from SAMCRO got out of prison. We learned that Jax got stabbed while they were inside but obviously he lived. After they got out, they discovered that Charming is being developed and that there’s a new sheriff in town…literally.

This new sheriff is a royal pain in the ass and is out to make life rough for SAMCRO, telling them that wearing their cuts is a violation of their parole since it is construed as wearing gang colors. He informs them that if he sees any of them in public with their cuts on, he will confiscate them.

Next we learn that the Assistant U.S. Attorney is in town and that he’s building a RICO case against SAMCRO, the Russians, the Irish…everyone under the stars. He brings in the new sheriff to get some local support while SAMCRO proceeds to kill just about all of the Russians, including one who is actually a federal agent.

Just after this, SAMCRO forms a strategic alliance with the Galindo cartel, fronted by Romeo who is portrayed by Danny Trejo. They’ll be providing guns and helping to mule cocaine. The cocaine deal is because Clay wants to build up a nest egg before his hands fall off and Jax agrees to support his side in exchange for being let out of SAMCRO, no questions asked, when Clay steps down as president.

After the Russian hit, Jax and Opie head off to the reservation to talk to their partners there but run into an ambush. The Russians are pissed and want them to hand over all of their shit and then die. SAMCRO lets the cartel know what’s going on and Romeo shows up. I had to wash my underwear 3 times after he stood there, motionless and stonefaced as the Russians shot bullets all around him. Right after that, the cartel and SAMCRO gave the Russians some high-caliber buttsex and then smiled at one another.

This is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Of course, there’s the back-story going on, during all of this, of Tara having letters written by Jax’s father John and Gemma being afraid that if Jax sees them, he’ll figure out that her and Clay are culpable in John’s death. This leads her to break in to Tara’s office and commit other acts of skullduggery in order to cover everything up and the new sheriff takes a fire axe to SAMCRO’s club-house, including their custom carved table.

Bad move, dude.

And that’s the story, so far.

As I said previously, this is already turning into a hell of a season of SOA. Lots of action is going down and the bodies are piling up as SAMCRO works to get back on its feet and back to business. Their dealings with the Indians and the cartel are more than certain to lead to an explosive season climax in the weeks to come and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

*spoilers below*



In episode 3, Clay’s cartel shenanigans continue, SAMCRO gets a crate of guns jacked by some street thugs and end up in a shootout which ends with a black woman laying the smack down on her kids, old-school style and Gemma confronts Tara about the letters.

More on that next week.

Keep checking back!

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