Sons Of Anarchy – Season 4 Is Heating Up

Posted by on September 15, 2011 at 1:22 am

Just in case your head has been stuck in a toilet, Sons of Anarchy is back with it’s fourth season and, straight out of the gate, they’re going 100 miles an hour.

(very limited spoilers below)

SOA ended season 3 with things wrapping up quite nicely. Jax managed to double (triple? quadruple?) cross Agent Stahl, resulting in Gemma being cleared of anything serious. The guys from SAMCRO did some serious murdering over in Ireland, got Jax’s son Abel back, handed O’Phelan over to the IRA, after which Chibs gave him a nice Glasgow Grin and then proceeded to ruin any chances he ever had of being turned into a canoe, then they headed off to prison.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the entire story, super condensed.

We head in to season 4 with the guys from SAMCRO getting out of prison…And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Sorry but, like I said, the spoilers are going to be very limited here.

When they get out and get back to charming, they see that some changes have taken place. Again, not going to get into it except to say that the changes lay the foundation for the whole season and I think it’s going to be superhot.

As you can guess, if you have more than 3 brain cells which are able to communicate with each other in a rational fashion, SAMCRO has to get back to business. They need money and they have work to put in so the deals and plotting and shenanigans start up right away.

Also, Danny Trejo.

That’s right…I said it. Danny…mothagrabbin…Trejo.

You won’t hear details from me as to who he is or what role he plays but I will say that it seems like it’s going to be a major role and Danny, in true “I’m badder than you because I spent several years in San Quentin” fashion, doesn’t even BEGIN to disappoint.

That’s true, by the way. Danny spent about 11 years in prison for a number of crimes, including armed robbery. During his time in San Quentin, he won the welterweight and lightweight boxing titles. He can, and WILL, eat your face.

I’m no punk by any means but every time I see this man I lose control of my bladder a little bit.

Let’s just say that Danny’s character has already added a lot to this series and I’m guessing that, by the time he’s done, his contribution to the story will be very deep and far reaching. If they cut him after 2 episodes, though, I’m gonna have to slap a bitch.

We’re 2 episodes in and I’m very impressed. I’ve been a huge fan of the series since I started watching it (and went marathon style through the first 2 seasons) and season 4 is warming up to be the best yet. I’m very hopeful that the folks at FX keep it on the path it’s on and let the fun keep rolling.

If you haven’t seen SOA, you’re in the dark ages. You really need to tune to FX on Tuesday nights and give it a shot. As long as you can handle a bit of language (They let the word “shit” slide on a very regular basis) and some ultra-violence from time to time, you’ll love it, I’m sure.

From here out I’ll be following the series with a 1 day delay to make sure everyone gets a chance to watch it off the DVR before I post and there will be some spoilers, so if you’re not ready to read some, don’t. I don’t want people getting all indignant on me because I said something like…



Spoiler warning…



Not kidding…



The new short-haired Jax and Tara are engaged and Opie got married to a pornstar!

Not really major spoilers but you were warned.

More to come! Stay tuned!

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