The Playboy Club – TV Review

Posted by on September 28, 2011 at 12:07 pm

I don’t know what this show is even about. What I do know is that Amber Heard in a Playboy Bunny uniform is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! I didn’t recognize her at first and then I was like dayum, girl! Amber, I’m currently writing this review listening to love songs, so you know, hit me up. Wow, before I get really off track and get called a pig and what not let me tell you what I think about this show.

Set in 1963 Chicago we see what it’s like to essentially live (I mean go there every night) and work in a Playboy Club. Highly fictionalized of course, the first 10 minutes played out to me like the opening cut scene of any case in L.A. Noire. Maureen (Amber Heard) is the new girl still learning the ropes when her life goes from dreaming about rainbows and ponies to constantly fearing the mob. See she danced with a mob boss and when he became to frisky she backed him off. This didn’t satisfy him and he followed to the back room to get a little more action from her, without consent. In comes our hero Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrian) to help Maureen out. She accidentally pierces the mob boss’ jugular with her high heel shoe.

After Nick Dalton realizes who she just killed he tells her that they have to take care of it, you know dump the body, or the mob will kill both of them, accident or not. Nick takes Maureen back to his place after the deed is done so she can get the blood off of her. Nick’s girlfriend who also happens to work at the Playboy Club comes home to find Maureen there thinking they hooked up. That girlfriend becomes Maureen’s boss so you see where that is going.

So right now the story is following quite a few things; Maureen’s life in general, her trying to hide from the mob, the mob pressuring Nick into helping find out what happened to the former mob boss, him running for state attorney, his broken relationship and a secret “couple.” I say it that way because the couple is not married and both of them are gay. We know being gay back in the day was highly frowned upon (still today) so they pretend to be a couple while raising money for their cause. The cause seems to be a support group, not sure yet though.

What can I say, the show is not bad but it’s not good. I like shows like this, they make me think and want to find out more information. I spent about an hour reading on the production and how the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City refuses to air the show. I also read up on the Playboy Club itself. Back in the 1960’s the membership was only $25/year (about $185 today), this is extremely cheap and I don’t know if they are still based on the membership system but I’m sure a yearly membership is more than $200/year.

7/10 FleshEatingZipper

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