X Factor ( USA ) – The Good, The Bad, The WTF?!

Posted by on September 30, 2011 at 6:52 pm

X Factor is an American Idol inspired show that’s been around for a while, in the UK. Now, I’ve never been a big fan of the talent shows on TV (With the exception of “The Gong Show” back in the day, which was hilarious) because I feel like…well, let’s just say I think they suck. Now the U.S. version of X Factor is underway (It’s been out for just over a week). I wasn’t even going to write about this show, because of my predisposition to hating it but I think the change in format deserves a look.

Also, funny.

I can watch American Idol for the first few episodes, because I get a huge laugh out of some of the fail that goes on but once the competition starts to get serious, I get bored as hell and just can’t stand to see it anymore.

We all know that Simon Cowell, chief cad and driving force behind American Idol has left that show and is staking everything on the idea that this new show will be the next big thing. Joining him are L.A. Reid (one of the most successful talent scouts in history) and Paula Abdul (I’m still not sure if she’s clean and sober) as well as a rotating guest judge.

The show follows a modified American Idol format wherein they bring a contestant – or group of contestants, since they allow collaborations – on stage and allow them to use backing music while they perform. Once the contestant has finished, the 4 judges discuss, then vote, and then they all move on – rinse and repeat.

What this leads to is the same kind of starting experience as one would find in American Idol. Some are great, some are bad and some just plain SUCK.

If I’m honest, my favorites are the ones who suck but I like the great ones, too, when they’re REALLY great or when they have an inspiring story, like that of Chris Rene.

I was pretty sure L.A. was going to throw his back out, watching that. Chris didn’t have the best voice in the world but his original lyrics and presentation made all the difference in the world and I’m glad to see that this show is willing to put people through on more than just vocal talent.

Of course, there were people who got there and were not only BAD but also had the lack of clarity to realize they sucked.


Those are the moments I live for in talent show competitions. The people who are a raging mess make it all worth it!

And then there’s the WTF moments…This girl really needs to stop with the meth. Seriously.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a talent show without the failest of the fail.

So, that’s how X Factor USA is shaping up, so far. With a few exceptions, people go up, they sing a song and they get told what’s what. Yes, I did say a few exceptions because in this show, sometimes people are given a little bit of constructive criticism and then allowed to try again – Like Dexter Haygood.


Starting next week is what X Factor calls “boot camp”, where the contestants will apparently be mentored and coached by the judges themselves. Sounds interesting!

If it’s worth it, I may even post some more videos.




These videos used with absolutely no permission, whatsover.

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  • To be accurate American Idol is one of 42 spinoff franchises based on the original UK tv programme Pop Idol. After 2 series Pop Idol was replaced in the UK by The X Factor. Simon Cowell’s departure from the UK judging team to focus on his new US version has led to a huge improvement in the UK show which is no longer centred around Simon’s ego.

    • Like I said…Not a fan of Talent Shows.