FEZ Presents UFC 136 Live Coverage With Fight Results

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Tonight; Frankie Edgar, Gray Maynard, Jose Aldo and Kenny Florian compete in the Lightweight and Featherweight classes, with championship belts on the line.

We’ll be providing round by round coverage of the title fights, as it unfolds, as well as results for the undercard bouts so keep checking this article for updates on all of the action!

At first, they said I was crazy to want to do UFC coverage on this site. Well, since the announcement of UFC on Xbox Live, I say I’m NOT crazy and this is right up our alley so I’ll be handing out the coverage as it unfolds. There will be updates regularly throughout the evening and the winners will be announced here as soon as they are announced in the ring.

Note that the preliminary fights are not included here because…well…free on Spike.

Joe Lauzon V Melvin Guillard

Joe Lauzon wins @ 47 seconds of the first round via Rear Naked Choke

Nam Phan V Leonard Garcia

Nam Phan wins via judge’s decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Chael Sonnen V Brian Stann

Chael Sonnen wins @ 3:51 of the second round via head and arm choke (Arm triangle)

And here come the main events!

Kenny Florian V Jose Aldo

Florian looks good during his walk out. Confident and ready to do work. I always thought he was a bit small for the lightweight division, due to his slim frame but he looks great at 145. Ken-flo doesn’t have a shabby record and we all know what his elbows can do.

Jose Aldo is coming out to the ring, now and also looks confident. His record of 19 and 1, with 12 knockouts and stories of him nearly tearing Thai kick pads are impressive and, I’m sure, somewhat intimidating for other fighters.

Aldo is BIG walking in to the ring. I’d place him at or near 160 at fight time.

This should be a barn-burner.

The fighters are walking to the center of the ring for the stare-down and rules. And here we go.

Kenny starts off the round with an early high kick and the fighters circle one another, playing chess. Jose opens with a couple of fast combos which don’t land clean and Florian goes in for a takedown. Jose stuffs the takedown and counters with a few nasty right hooks to make Kenny pay.

Kenny goes for another takedown and almost gets it. The fighters end up in the cage, working for position and Aldo seems very strong, controlling Florian’s head and keeping the fight up for quite a while until Florian finally gets a takedown from which Aldo almost immediately recovers.

Another quick takedown and recovery and Florian ends up to Aldo’s back on the fence but Aldo circles away and they’re back in the middle of the ring.

Florian lunges in and eats a dirty uppercut, then works Aldo back to the fence and starts working for the takedown again.

Aldo defends with some elbows and head and arm control while Florian throws an elbow or two of his own.

The round ends with Florian seemingly on top.

Rob’s scorecard 10-9 – Florian

Kenny has a bit of a cut but it doesn’t seem too serious. Both fighters look ready going in to round 2.

They take the center of the ring and Florian lands a nice right hand, followed by a missed flying knee from both fighters. It looks like Swan Lake meets Rocky in the middle of the ring.

Let’s hope nobody lands a Nutcracker.

I know…bad.

The fighters are both being very cautious at this point. A few stray punches and kicks are being thrown but nothing serious and no real combos. Aldo is keeping his feet on the ground because he doesn’t want Florian getting in and taking him down and now the crowd is throwing boos as the fighters play chess in the ring.

Aldo throws a couple really strong inside leg kicks and the fighters go back to their chess matchh. Nothing major is happening at this point.

Kenny lands 2 inside leg kicks and then fires a high kick which Aldo blocks, and then Aldo returns one of his own. More chess and some more inside leg kicks from both fighters and there’s a bit of a 2-man limp festival going on in the ring.

Kenny shoots in for a takedown and has Aldo against the fence again. Round 2 ends before the takedown and both fighters are still looking fresh and ready.

Rob’s scorecard 10-9 Aldo

Round 3 starts with Aldo’s hands down a little bit but he’s up on his toes and looking sharp.

Some kicks are traded and the jabs come out. Also lands a nice straight right and both fighters bring out the kick-card. The two are doing a lot of circling and moving around the ring. A big leg kick from Aldo has the crowd cheering. Aldo follows this up with a slight knee and a kick.

Florian is trying to work the jab but Aldo keeps slipping it and getting inside with combos.

Florian goes for a takedown and Aldo ends up on top. Florian hips out to half guard but Aldo is landing some good shots from the top. Lots of scrambling going on and Aldo is doing well in the top position against Florian.

Florian keeps attempting to work to full guard but Aldo keeps countering and maintains his half mount position. Kenny tries to spin and work from his back but Aldo is neutralizing him. Now Aldo is up on his feet and Kenny is firing upkicks.

The fighters are back on their feet, now and Aldo keeps chambering kicks while Florian shoots in for another takedown attempt. Round 3 ends, as did the last, with the fighters against the fence.

Rob’s scorecard 10-9 – Aldo

WOW…It’s an f-bomb exposition in Florian’s corner.

Round 4, the championship territory.

Florian opens with outside leg kicks and has decided to start checking Aldo’s kicks. Florian’s corner wants Kenny getting out of the way when Aldo comes in and they trade some leg kicks and light punches in the middle of the ring.

I’m noticing that Aldo’s hands are down by his nipples in this round. Is he running out of gas?

Florian shoots and they’re against the fence again. Florian is working angles and head punches, trying to wear Aldo down while Aldo tries to control Florian’s angle and defend. They split again Kenny quickly shoots again.

Back to the standing game again and Florian fires a high kick. Also is taking some deep breaths so we’ll see how he looks at the end of this round.

Back against the fence again and Florian is putting a lot of pressure on Aldo with knees from the inside while Aldo holds on to the fence. On the split, Aldo seemed to be moving slowly while Florian is pushing the action hard in the fourth. Florian is exhibiting a lot of ring generalship in this round and seems to be pulling it out. At the end, they’re in the center and Aldo tries some knees and a kick, to no effect.

Rob’s scorecard 10-9 – Florian

Aldo’s corner tells him he’s winning 3 rounds, at least. I disagree and have it dead even at this point. they also tell him to stay out of the clinch.

Round 5 and Aldo looks tired. Florian looks a little beat up but fresh as they take the center of the ring and start trading jabs.

Florian has Aldo against the fence, now and is working the pressure again. Aldo seems completely impotent against Florian on the fence until he spins out and Florian slips while trying to throw a knee.

Aldo is standing over Florian while Florian kicks at the knees and then goes for a leg lock which he loses and Aldo ends up on top, in mount.

Florian works quickly to hip out and get half guard and the two are now scrambling with Aldo on top and Florian working to escape.

Against the fence, again with Aldo on the outside and Florian has to put something together.

The ref steps in and separates them and they immediately end up back in the fence with Aldo on the outside again. Florian is not doing a great job in this round and Aldo will win unless Florian gets something done.

Back in the center again and they’re doing Swan Lake again, with the flying knees as the round comes to an end.

Rob’s scorecard 10-9 Aldo

It’s going to the scorecards and I have the fight scored at 48-47, Aldo. We’ll see how I did.

Well, the judges called it 49-46, Aldo so I was damned close.

Time for the interviews and we’ll be back for Edgar V Maynard in a few minutes!

Frankie Edgar V Gray Maynard

Gray Maynard runs to the ring as his music comes on. at 11-0-1 with 1 no contest, he’s never been beaten and is the only man to beat the current champion. He’s only had 2 knockouts and has lots of stamina so we should expect Gray to be banging ’til the end.

Frankie Edgar looks very good walking out. He’s all business and raring to go. At 13-1-1 with 2 knockouts, we shouldn’t expect to see a big end from the fists of Edgar but he’s got stamina for days and will easily hang with Maynard until the end of round 5 if it doesn’t end by knockout or submission.

Here come the antics from Bruce Buffer and the fighters move to the center of the ring for the rules.

The rules are out of the way and the fighters take position. And here they go!

Round 1

The fighters are very familiar with one another, having spent 8 rounds in the ring together. Maynard carries a low stance and the fighters begin circling each other, trading jabs and leg kicks. Edgar throws a combination and they go back to circling.

1 minute in and they’re still working for angles, throwing jabs and working for supremacy.

Edgar rushes in with a leg pick and almost takes Maynard down. They work against the fence for a second and they’re back in the middle of the ring again.

Edgar keeps circling toward his left which puts him in danger of a right hand from Maynard.

Maynard lands an uppercut and Edgar is rocked. Maynard is swarming on him with kinches, knees and kicks and Edgar is in serious trouble.

Edgar answers with a couple of punches to slow the action and they’re back in the center of the ring with Edgar trying to recover.

Maynard lands another big punch and drops Edgar, coming down on him with punches and Edgar is in big trouble. Maynard seems to be landing uppercuts at will and then a flying knee sets Edgar up for a ton of punishment.

Edgar’s nose looks broken and Maynard continues to land punches at will. Somehow, Edgar keeps throwing punches. I’m STUNNED.

WOW, what a round.

Rob’s scorecard 10-8 – Maynard

Round 2

Maynard is fresh as a mountain breeze and Edgar looks like he’s recovered.

They’re circling again and Maynard looks like he has some ground and pound on his mind.

Edgar is moving well but still circling to his left and Maynard is looking for the uppercut again. They continue to circle and Maynard is keeping his distance, looking for opportunities to move in and strike.

Edgar lands a few punches and some leg kicks. Maynard is still angling for that uppercut but not having as much success with it at this point. They continue to circle and Edgar is working on his jab.

They each throw a few punches but it seems Maynard is using this as a rest round, which causes him to eat a few punches. If I’m honest, though, they don’t seem to have much effect.

A quick scramble, a stuffed takedown attempt and they shift back down in to low. Edgar lands a body-head combo and then an inside leg kick but this round is going pretty slowly. Edgar is definitely the aggressor, though.

A nice flurry by Edgar and Maynard answers with a hook at the end of the round.

Rob’s scorecard 10-9 Edgar

Round 3

We’re underway and both fighters look ready to rock.

They take the center of the ring again and Edgar tries a spinning back-fist to open the round. A swing and a miss!

The fighters play a little chess in the middle of the ring and then lock up to trade a few punches, with Maynard landing a knee to the body and Maynard is looking for that uppercut again.

Edgar tries for a single leg but fails as Maynard continues to look for that uppercut. They trade leg kicks that I’m pretty sure were heard in Bolivia and get back to the circling. If they keep this up, they’re going to wear a track in the middle of the ring.

Edgar lands a nice kick to body and Maynard finds a hole for his uppercut but it doesn’t seem to have done much and Edgar circles and answers with a solid right hand. Edgar lunges in for a leg but Maynard evades him. And same story. Lunge, evade.

Again, Edgar is definitely the aggressor in this round and is throwing some nice combinations as Maynard seems to be having trouble with his timing.

A nice body kick by Edgar ends the round and the fighters head back to their corners.

Rob’s scorecard 10-9 – Edgar

Round 4

Back to the center of the ring and Maynard opens up swinging for the fences but doesn’t land anything.

They trade some punches in the middle of the ring and Edgar is showing some quick combinations and handy footwork.

Maynard shoots and Edgar stuffs him but Maynard lands a knee on the inside.

Edgar lands a stiff right hand and an uppercut of his own which seems to have made a bit of an impact on Maynard. Edgar is now dancing around and doing a lot of work with his hands, picking at Maynard and holding the center of the ring.

Maynard tries another takedown and gets stuffed and Edgar is dancing again, moving in and out very quickly, harassing Maynard with sharp, fast punches and leaving Maynard throwing airfist counters.

Edgar is really taking the fight to Maynard and shoots in bit the takedown is stuffed by Maynard. Edgar lands a right uppercut on the way out and Maynard is rocked, hard.

Edgar is all over him like ugly on a gorilla and Maynard gets knocked out by a big right hook and several punches on the ground.

What a fight!

Frankie Edgar wins by tecchnical knockout at 3:54 of round #4

That’s it for the live coverage of UFC 136 in Houston, Texas.

Have a great night, fight fans! It’s BEER:30!

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  • Excellent coverage…the Lauzon fight was the shit! No mention of Sonnen’s “Loser quits” promo?  I fully expected him to strut out of that ring with Miss Elizabeth on his arm.  Watching him fight is a guilty pleasure…like crack, but harder on your soul.