What Is Chris Brown’s Problem?

Posted by on October 2, 2011 at 9:15 am

I can’t stand celebrities. No, I’m not talking about Bruce Boxleitner or Max Brooks, I’m talking about Kardashian’s or the Spearses or the Lohan’s. All of this is a lie, of course, because I read The Superficial almost every day and there’s something so addictive about watching these people, through personality flaws, awful parenting, or purely appalling advice from their entourage, melt down so perfectly in such an incredibly public fashion. There is no greater a tragedy of the past few years than Chris Brown, who somehow wins the hearts and affection of so many stupid people despite his violently arrogant personality. But, why can’t he use some of this to his advantage rather than his detriment?

I’m not really here to talk about when he beat up Rihanna (which was stupid, stupid, stupid) or his walkouts from morning shows because he’s an chauvinistic idiot. He can have all those. Let’s propose Chris Brown is gay. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being gay, all of the gay people I know have are fantastic people, and while all of this comes allegedly because of some “leaked DMs” from some dude on Twitter, we’re all ignoring the $64,000 question:

If he’s gay, why doesn’t he take advantage of it?

Let’s be fair, his respectability can go nowhere but up. A gay man beat the crap out of Rihanna? Okay, that’s starting to make a little bit of sense. Have you seen his action movies? Like Takers? They’re damn awful! But what if Gay Chris Brown were an action star? What if James Bond were kinda black, didn’t act well at all, and was more interested in the greasy-haired French bartender than the dame bombshell? This sounds like a job for a comic book, but let’s be honest here: how many gay action stars do we have to look up to? We don’t. Now, I’m not getting all affirmative action-y about this kinda stuff, but I think there’s a bright future to be had here if Chris Brown, who very well might not be gay, was gay, and leveraged it successfully.

Go for it Chris, we’re kinda behind you!

Source: The Superficial

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  • Rihanna 2324

    ha Chris Brown is awesome and talented despite what the media or any one else think! 

  • TeamMotherFuckingBreezy

    Chris Brown is NOT FUCKING GAY!! he has a girlfriend! Nothing about him is gay. I WOULD KNOW!! even if he was gay Team Breezy wouldn’t care. We love him! So how bout you take this story and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS. thank you.

    • Thesuperstar2323

      Teammotherfuckingbreezy i think its great that u say teambreezy will still support him thats a beautiful thing lets just sit back for a min though theres tons of girls hoping to one day marry him although it may not happen but they have hope they buy his music, if he says he likes guys there chances is zero which means a possibility he will lose fan and gain fans he cant take another strike to his career! But wat gets me is who the fck cares gay or not hes #1

    • Ryemicah

      just because he has a girlfriend doesnt mean he never did a guy or two! he could also use a girlfriend as a cover up! there are plenty of ppl who do that including non celebrities for the sake of peoples rude opinions. It really doesnt matter what he is. and you will never know, its not like you know him personally , you only know him from his videos, media, and youtube updates. Please dont act like you know him personally because you dont. He is a great performer, and an okay singer. Wish him the best of luck no matter what sex he choses, with or without us knowing

  • Sidra

    Wow you guys are trying youre hardest to make this boy look bad. Shut the fuck up and get a damn life. God.

  • Jaki

    So because some unknown who’s looking for that 15 minutes of fame that you bloggers continue to give him makes him, gay? First of all I could care less about his being gay or straight… what I don’t like is the lies, just becomes people wish to spread lies about you, doesn’t make you gay. What if anything thing has shown us that he is gay. He was with Rihanna and nothing was ever mention, he has a girlfriend now… Also whomever the person that show a photoshopped twitter page, that was made on September 13, another thing Chris tweeted that his lawyer will be handling this and when haven’t seen a tweet from this person sine 9-29-11. Seem like to so called person must be in hiding now that he or she succeed in once again bringing focus too Chris. Isn’t it strange your biggest gossip sites, TMZ, Perez Hilton, ENews, Sandra Rose,  Necole Bitchie etc. didn’t pick this crap up. No because they could tell it was crap. Chris is back selling out arena’s and someone continue’s to try and stop him, you can’t stop God’s given talent!

  • 100% RUBBISH!

    I actually surprised that you didn’t block fans from responding like the rest of you coward colleagues. Its ignorant to call people who don’t share your negative & racist beliefs “stupid”. If anyone is stupid, for calling 90% of their readers stupid, ITS YOU!. 

    How is Chris Brown’s sexuality your problem? your constant reference to “Rihanna smack down” and his walk out of “GMA set up” really doesn’t help your position cos he has already won back his fans and he is right back at the top=> LITERARILY AT THE TOP!

    Now I am not saying you write up is a complete non-sense, but I just think you are arguable one of the most ignorant addition to the diminishing list of narrow mind, ill informed, biased, and self righteous, hit whores that will never be happy to mind their own business.

    • I don’t think anyone said his sexuality was our problem.  If you’d like to discuss it further, though, feel free to visit our forums and maybe we can help you understand the difference between an opinion piece and an accusation. 

  • ChrisBrownlikesthecock

    Oh he’s sooooo gay.

    • Byeget

      You got a funny name

  • Nonyabusiness

    WTF are you dumbasses talking about? shut up and let him live. freaking idiots

  • CB forever

    fuck you haters…Chris Brown is not gay..he is a talented indivual so y’all need to stop hating. What’s yr problem? Y’alla re just mad becuz he is a REAL person unlike those fake ass Kardashians who come from money and had everythinghanded to them on a silver platter…CHris works hard..and yes he made mistakes but learned from them..stop hating and being such y’all are perfect and never made a mistake before

  • The only ppl who believe he is gay and are reporting it are the fishy tabloids that no one pays attn to…Gather started the rumor and picked up the photoshopped “DM’s” from a man who barely has 500 followers. Yes he’s very credible I guess. Seeing as tho he has DM’s from a man that does not even follow him *and vice versa*. So how then did they DM one another? The problem with you tabloids is that you think you have control over our minds and our decisions–but here’s the gotcha gotcha…you dont!Chris Brown is obviously relevant enough to continue to garner posts and news written about him. Even one like this that’s talking about why they hate him and that others should too. This is the definition of what childish is. Chris Brown is an entertainer first, and people enjoy his work. Deal with it. That’s why he’s on sold out tours around the country, and you’re behind computer screens writing stories about what if’s. What if you guys got real jobs?? It’s sad the only time you would get traffic to your page is via a Chris Brown post. 

    FYI I hardly doubt that Chris Brown fans care for his PAST, his sexuality, his gender, his RACE. I think his music and him as a full packaged entertainer is what they stand behind the most. I’ve noticed in recent times, blogs have tried  to attack his possible fan bases. First his White fan base diminished with his past mistakes, then he was supposedly homophobic, to get rid of his gay fan base. Now you guys have figured that his fan base mostly consists of women, so now he’s gay. Grow up and ask yourselves “What is OUR problem?”

    • 100% RUBBISH

      Wow thats so true, I agree with you 100%

      1) 1st his white fan base diminished with his past mistakes hence the reason why his struggles to top the main stream charts

      2) They viciously attacked his gay fan-base by making up stories and tagging him homophobic hoping that the gay community will be gullible enough to eat that pile of shit.

      3) Since this boy’s career is still hotter than ever, they figured its the women that dominate his fanbase so again=> the attack is on women now. 

      Thinking calling him gay, photoshoping pictures while calling Teambreezy, stupid thugs and delusional women will end Chris Brown’s reign at the top and diminish is support from women aswell?=>WOW! that lil 22 year old has some dedicated enemy base for real.

      Media can not control people’s minds! people have their brains & the free will do make their own minds up about anything. At least no one has called Charlie Sheen’s fan base stupid yet despite the fact that he actually constitute a danger to his women BUT THEN AGAIN HE IS WHITE.

      you didn’t succeed to remove his white or gay fan base entirely neither will you succeed to remove his devoted women fanbase. What ever problems you have with Chris Brown, I hope you resolve it someday.

      Chris Brown worked 2wice as hard as most artist to win the support that he has today. He is still around the country deligently working but you are here behind your computer instigating hate.

      No one is asked you to like him, his music or his fanbase=> but why must you aim at people who obviously see differently and don’t share in your negativity? i.e 98% of your readers don’t agree with your conclusions or assumptions as you can already see from the comments you’ve received=> 

      this is the sample of the general public’s opinion & i suggest you begin to pay attention to what people are saying otherwise you will not have a following at the end of the day

  • Phalushammer

    He was on the OC. He’s gay.

  • Kandy_Breezy

    wtf is wrong with you !
    maybe you should do your research and listen to No Bullshit, Wet The Bed, Take You Down, Sex & Invented Head by chris brown and fix your fuckking article. SRSLY! i have never seen such fuckking bullshit about chris brown. his gone thru so much and fuckking now u wanna acuse him of being gay.. LMAO!

    • Have you actually read the lyrics to “invented head”?

      I hate to tell you this but “head” is a reference to fellatio…I.E. performing oral sex on a MAN.  If anyone uses it in any other fashion, it’s only because they WANT to be referring to fellatio.  


  • Krissy_babie92

    stupid as fuck..chris brown aint gay thank u stupid ass stories

    • At this time, 500 of the hits on this article came from google searches using the words “chris brown gay”.

      True story.

      So…Apparently we’re not the ONLY ones who think there MAY be a chance that he smokes the dingaling.

      Just sayin’

  • Nakai

    I dnt care what yall say Chris Brown to be known as BREEZY gone always be in the GAME so yall just haters he got Millions $$$,$$$,$$$ and yall got One and tens jealous ass people

    • ChrisBrownsbuttsmellslikepenis

      Yeah, he has millions…Of sperm swimming up his large intestine.

  • Diamondcb

    On that note chris brown does not have a problem people needs to spending rumors about chris he is a great entertainer leave him alone

  • Ksdfjahsdfj

    Chris Brown is NOT gay!!!!!! he’s the most straightest guy in the world!!!!! 

  • Ish

    The problem isn’t Chris Brown. Its the media making up things about him all the time. Its like he the new Michael Jackson. There is always some bullshit story. If you notice in almost every article they say “Chris Brown, artist formerly known for beating Rihanna…” Why do we need to keep hearing that? Everybody knows what happened so leave it in the past. Now he is gay?? C’mon! They only attacking him cause they failed to keep him down when the incident with him and Rihanna happened. The only thing he wants to do is make music that he loves, his fans love and the ones that dislike him to start to love. Seems that Chris Brown is the only one with a life. I suggest the media find one too…

  • Sweet2jam

    Chris brown isn’t gay y’all just want him to be cause y’all want is body… Guess wat yu can’t have him cause he dnt take dicks like y’all who take Backshots!

  • Dragonballfreak219

    You guys… worry about your life and not Chris Brown’s.

  • Gfym

    I don’t understand why everyone is saying ” oh you’re saying he’s gay to try and keep him down” why the hell is being gay so bad? Why is the thought of being gay so awful to you? As for being the straightest man in the world? Really? Blond hair? Oh so natural.