Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 – The Juice Situation – Chock Full ‘O Spoilers

Posted by on October 12, 2011 at 9:13 pm

Well, this episode of Sons of Anarchy was a little more like it.


I’m still not super happy but at least this time there was a little bit of shenanigans going on.

When we left the last episode, Juice had jacked a brick of coke and was going to deliver some to the cops. Unfortunately for Juice, he fell asleep before he had a chance to put it back. This has led to an entire episode of shady business. I’ll get to that, soon.

Also, pornstars with guns.

Opie’s little fling got caught in the club house by Gemma and Tara and, of course, was threatened. Soon after that, Opie’s wife showed up and ran into the skank, resulting in said skank pulling a gun on Gemma and Lyla. Now Lyla knows Opie was banging her and there’s some conflict over that. Of course finding out that Lyla aborted Opie’s kid wasn’t a pleasant situation.

Nor was it pleasant when Piney busted Opie in the eye for making drama. Old man’s got a hell of a right.

Of course, SAMCRO discovered the missing coke and decided that they would stop at nothing to find it, and started working on some prospects, thinking one of them must have taken it. They both denied it until the end and Juice came up with an idea on how to clear the situation, offering them 15 minutes alone to produce the missing kilo. During this time, he ran out to collect it but, on his way out of the trees he got seen by Miles, with the kilo sticking out of his pants.

During the ensuing scuffle, Juice took a round in the leg but managed to get the gun, after which he proceeded to turn Miles’ head into a block of Swiss cheese. I’m pretty sure he shot him in the face 6 times.

When the other members of SAMCRO showed up, Juice presented the kilo and told them he saw Miles retrieving it so he gets off scott free. No prospects have to get kicked out and nobody else has to die.

Juice did, however, leave something behind. You’ll have to watch the episode to find out what I mean.

And now the shit is getting really thick. Clay talked to Romero about Tara, saying she was a threat to the security of the club and requesting that she be taken care of in such a way that it couldn’t get traced back to SAMCRO. Romero agreed. And I’m not going to tell you who they got to take care of the job…All I’ll say is that it’s someone close to the club.

Also, whores with busted faces.

Finally, the writers are setting up a properly dramatic story line. It’s not about the old ladies anymore. I’m hoping they’ll keep this up and make something out of season 4 because, if not, I’m going to start tuning out.

Fingers crossed.


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  • Tessa

    Unser isn’t going to kill her, he is trying to warn her of impending danger!!!

  • And we knew about Lyla’s abortion long ago, even though it was news to Opie in this episode.