What Is This Chronicle Movie?

Posted by on October 20, 2011 at 6:25 pm

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In an interesting stealth unveil, 20th Century Fox brings us a trailer for the previously unknown found footage thriller Chronicle. Starring some kids that I’ve personally never heard of (except for Michael P. Jordan, aux star in my beloved Parenthood) this looks like a really cool take on what unlimited power can do to a man.

The trailer opens with three guys riding into town, high on life, singing with the radio. They then begin to show off some crazy powers, like being able to be stabbed by a metal fork, only to have the utensil bend on contact. Then they begin to prank some of the customers at a C-store and later a mall, explaining that their telekinetic powers become more impressive with use. One of them turns out to be a bad seed, it appears, culminating in a police standoff with tons of manpower and vehicles flying everywhere.

Chronicle intrigues me. Sure, the found footage looks a bit too polished to be genuine, but it’s still an interesting method to tell a story, especially as they begin to discover their flaws. It honestly looks like the result of combining Cloverfield and Jumper. Errr, well, let’s hope it’s better than that.

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