Yeah, So…Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Hit A Speedbump – Some Spoilers

Posted by on October 5, 2011 at 9:40 pm

I wasn’t too hot over the last episode of season 4 of Sons of Anarchy, if I’m honest. I felt like they spent the entire episode setting things up for later, which they could have done with quick scenes in the other episodes and not wasted a whole hour stirring drama that wasn’t going to come to the surface until later episodes.

Piney’s still being a spoil sport and needs to get his ass in line. He’s trying to pull an end around on Clay by telling Gemma that they are going to be muling drugs for the cartels, hoping that Gemma would find a way to persuade Clay to stay away from it. Now he’s carrying on about the letters and trying to confront Clay about it, making a blatant threat.

I have a feeling Clay’s going to break his foot off in Piney’s ass if this keeps up. Piney says he’s got insurance, though.

Gemma, who is getting to the point that I want to slap her, just can’t keep her nose out of shit. Now she’s maneuvering to get Tara on some council to stop development on the land of some park she’s all head over heels about for some reason.

Now Clay is trying to sort out the Piney business and all of a sudden, Gemma doesn’t want to have anything to do with getting involved in other people’s stuff…At least not as long as Clay’s aware. She doesn’t seem to have any problem sneaking around behind his back, though.


So now the hunt for the letters is on, Opie’s tripping because his wife is basically a whore OMG DAVID HASSELHOFF!!

Yeah, you heard me.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney is getting shadier, every day…He went to the jail and posed as the new sheriff, telling Otto that Bobby Elvis was sleeping with and killed Luanne. Of course, this has Otto pissed off and he’s ready to start some shit so he calls Gemma and tells her about it. MORE GEMMA DRAMA!

Now the Sons are having a word with old Georgie. That will lead to some more business dealings in Charming.

At least episode 5 is a little better. Some of the drama starts getting dealt with and a loose end or two gets tied off. Of course that means that half a dozen more ends have come loose.

And, of course, there’s the business of the cops flipping Juice by threatening to tell the club he’s part black but we’re going to have to see where that goes.


Oh, yeah…Juice. If he flips, I’m going to be pissed.

So, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. I almost feel like SOA has jumped the shark but I’m going to have faith and give it some time. Hopefully the writers can pull this one out. It’s too early for it to die.

*fingers crossed*

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  • Jwall92

    Alright your dumb, clays a bitch and piney is going to get his revenge for j.t

    • PROTIP : When you’re going to tell someone they’re dumb, do so with proper usage, grammar, capitalization and punctuation.  Otherwise, you only make yourself look REALLY bad.

      Thank you.  You are now free to continue fail-trolling.

  • dad

    “Piney’s still being a spoil sport and needs to get her ass in line.” Her who? And I’m with Jwall. Piney is trying to save the club from turning into a bunch of gangster dope fiends. He also has a suspicion that Clay murdered a member. This is being a “spoil sport”? I don’t think so. SOA is filled with murderous devious biker thugs. The only thing that holds them together is their loyalty to each other or ‘the club’. Murdering the club leader and having the local police cover it up, then taking the dead man’s wife and kid as your own is kind of a big deal in that context.
    My beef is with the whole Juice sub-plot. Since when were the SOA a bunch of racists? I mean Juice is obviously ethnic, either latino or african blood there, SOA chums with the Irish, the Mexicans, but you find out your long lost daddy is half black, and suddenly they’re going to skin you alive? It seems artificial to me.

    • HAHA Good catch, Dad…her = typo.  Fixing it now.

      I understand Piney’s motivations, completely, and if I wasn’t having so much fun watching the Sons be bad guys, I’d be on his side, completely.  I supposed it’s a different experience for different people.  I know some people are more interested in the romantic sub-plots and the family aspects and the good side of the show.  I’m more interested in seeing the Sons kick people in the batter factories and generally be bad guys so Piney’s attitude is contrary to my interests.

      The Juice sub-plot also gives me agita over the race thing.  They’ve never shown a tendency to be internally racist and just looking at Juice, it’s obvious he’s not a home grown, lilly-white honky.  This is part of the reason I bring up the hope that the show hasn’t leapt over the thooty fish.  I think they’re taking the idea from the ideals of the majority the legendary American biker gangs who do not admit non-white members.

      I think they’re on shaky ground and I really hope they either fix the problem or back away from it.