National Novel Writing Month: Week Two

Posted by on November 6, 2011 at 4:11 pm
As Week one comes to an end, you should be weighing in at just over 8,000 words. You’re probably feeling pretty good, thinking that you can indeed do this. It doesn’t seem so hard! Then Week 2 comes. The sleep deprivation hits, you realize that you made a critical error in the beginning of the novel, and your characters are fighting for the spotlight. Well people, keep on trucking. Week two is known for “The Slump.” The slump is that point where nothing is working, or there’s a giant inconsistency, or you just hate the story and want to throw it out. Don’t.

If you’re stuck, keep pushing forward. This year I’m feeling the second week slump kind of early. There’s a lot to be said for pounding out 1,667 words a day and continue at that pace. Those who had a plot planned out ahead of time are probably chugging along quiet nicely, but they too will run out of steam. Those who are writing by the seat of their pants may be grabbing for plots, but no matter the kind of writer you are don’t let The Slump get you down.

Need some motivation and maybe some procrastination? Check out the forums on the Nano website, check out youtube, hell go for a walk. You may just need to get away from the story for a bit. So enjoy what’s left of the fall weather, get some Christmas shopping done and then come back with a fresh eye. Maybe there was a character you overlooked or a plot bunny that’s hopping by. There is hope for Week three my friends, so grab a cup of coffee (or two) and get back to the novel after your break.

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