My Greatest Wish For 2012: The Kardashians Disappear

Posted by on December 29, 2011 at 5:12 pm

There’s an incredible irony here: by simply acknowledging that they exist, I’m perpetuating their existence. Just like The Game, once you realize it exists, you’ve lost. Still, I can’t help but make this my favorite wish of 2012: that their appeal and popularity will simply evaporate. While the modern example of the celebrity that exists because they’re a celebrity is decades old, think back to the Gabor sisters, it doesn’t necessitate their viability. The Kardashians, as Barbara Walters put it, have no actual talent. They don’t actually do anything. They simply exist. Perhaps if they were developing software, creating some kind of new art, or producing some other meaningful benefit to mankind, that’d be great, but as it stands, their lack of productivity means that it won’t be long until they’ve faded off the radar like Paris Hilton did several years ago. Unfortunately, the media enjoys giving them attention because the effect reciprocates: people watch (or read) about them and need an outlet by which to do so. Who knows how this chicken-and-egg story got started, but now that it’s in place, one will fail the other and they’ll fall into obscurity.

So, enjoy it while you can, Miss Kardashians. And Kris Humphries, let’s face it, you deserved everything that came with your botched marriage. What were you expecting, really?

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