Need All The James Bond? On The Blu-rays?

Posted by on January 11, 2012 at 9:00 pm

I hate this kind of stuff. When you have a film franchise, particularly one that you’re still adding installments to, it’s insanely stupid to keep seeing new compilations, remixes, and other arrangements of those films every few years, all marked as ‘the definitive edition’. With Star Wars, at least George Lucas is nearing the age where he graduates to a walker and can no longer formulate ways to destroy his own work. With that definitive Blu-ray release, you really only have to buy that set, ever. (Until they bring out the edition that features the original theatrical cuts.) These sets are fully equipped with big-ass boxes that don’t fit anywhere in your storage areas designed for amaray cases and will be rendered obsolete as soon as the new movie comes out and the new artwork arrives, they’re an atrocious monster that needs to be stopped. For the 50th anniversary of James Bond’s filmic debut, EON is releasing a ‘definitive’ Blu-ray set with the first 22 films armed and ready to go. Equipped with six Bond’s worth of movies from Connery to Daniel Craig (because he’s actually pretty cool), the set also includes 130 hours of behind the scenes footage, which is probably too much. Maybe. Enthusiasts only, please.

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