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Posted by on January 24, 2012 at 3:40 pm

I watch Bones regularly and sometime last year an episode was hi-jacked with what the industry calls a backdoor pilot. This pilot was for The Finder. It looked interesting staring Geoff Stults as Walter Sherman (the finder), Michael Clark Duncan as Walters lawyer/muscle and Saffron Burrows as the eye-candy/bar tender. They did a good job mending the shows together, Booth from Bones knows Walter Sherman from serving together in the Army and in the second episode Sweets is doing an evaluation to see if Walter can be used as a government consultant.

Cut to now, Saffron Burrows is out and replaced with Mercedes Masöhn a US Marshal that has a thing for Walter and uses him as a consultant in her cases and Maddie Hasson who plays the troubled teen that doesn’t want to be there but is there because of a court order and will become a good citizen the more she is around Walter and Leo. I like the fact they replaced Burrows character with these two, I was feeling a little too much Burn Notice how it was set up. Seriously, both female leads have accents. Now I don’t really relate except for the fact they are both set in Florida.

Walter was in hit with an IED while in a convoy and was the sole survivor. After recovering from the accident and coming out of a comma he had this ability to locate anything, not psychically but just able to piece things together that no one else is able to. That’s the only explanation we have right now, it is even set up that the ability might go away at some point which might drive Walter insane. The Finder reminds of the the show Psych and the Shawn and Gus relationship is similar with Walter and Leo. The relationship between the characters is very good and that is what has me hooked. I didn’t find myself bored like I do with some shows and movies and felt like I was trying to solve the case as the show was going along.

I love Psych, it’s in my top 5 shows and like I said this is really similar and it seems like networks are trying to recreate popular shows from other networks. Will I continue to watch the show, hell yeah I will. If you like Psych, you will like this show and if you haven’t watched Psych, you should check out this show as well as Psych.

7/10 FleshEatingZipper

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  • jess

    I don’t watch knock offs. Psych was good, but only Psych can be Psych. There’s a million starving writers with a million great storylines. There’s originality out there if they’d just go get it…