Can Jeremy Renner Carry The Bourne Legacy?

Posted by on February 9, 2012 at 8:05 am

Wow, so I remembered this thing. After The Bourne Ultimatum, the incredibly successful third movie in the espionage thriller series, director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon left the series for greener, uh, grass (which became the cool-ly received Green Zone). But Universal was leaving money on the table by not following up, so here comes The Bourne Legacy, sans an actual Jason Bourne. Instead, Jeremy Renner (you may remember him from the recently released Mission: Impossible flick) takes up the role of a Bourne-alike who now has to do devilish things for James’ old employer. And Ed Norton’s a bad guy? That’s cool.

But what about Jenner as the new Bourne? Hrm.

While I enjoy Renner in his films, and he can be intense on command (as much as I disliked The Town, he was fantastic in it), I still can’t see him in leading-star material. I don’t mean to drag down Nathan Fillion, but it’s like if Nathan Fillion were starring in a science-fiction flick. The fit just doesn’t feel right. Maybe Jenner’s not charismatic enough? Maybe it’s just hard to imagine him doing many of the things a smaller, less boxy-headed protagonist would be able to accomplish.

Don’t worry Jeremy, I’ll be out to support you on Day One, but I do wonder if his star is enough to sail by.

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