Netflix Forced to Pull ‘The Bodyguard’ & Other Whitney Houston Films for Corporate Greed?

Posted by on February 20, 2012 at 10:39 pm

The internet has been abuzz with the passing of Whitney Houston. Not just the fact that she died but there have been some shady happenings with music and movies she was involved with. Like with every musician that dies, Whitney Houston’s music has been in high demand everywhere. Songs hitting number one in the charts, CD prices going up, movies getting pulled from instant streaming. Well here’s what’s going on.

The album price going up was in the UK on iTunes 30 minutes after she died. Sounds really bad but Sony says that her album has been priced low for a long time and her death brought attention to the fact her music was priced wrong. Ok, Sony, we’ll go with that, for now. What about Netflix pulling The Bodyguard and her other movies from instant streaming?

Earlier today, Dan McDermott posted on Google+ that he was informed by a Netflix rep, after trying to watch The Bodyguard on instant streaming and finding out it was no longer available, that it was pulled by producers to capitalize on Whitney Houston’s death by having people rush out and buy DVD’s.

This didn’t seem legit to me, I made Nick watch The Bodyguard the other day I swear so I looked and sure enough it wasn’t available for instant streaming. But what Dan was told couldn’t be what really happened so I reached out to Netflix. “We haven’t had it on streaming since the license expired last year. Nothing to do with Ms. Houston’s unfortunate and untimely death.” That’s the official word from Netflix’s Steve Swasey.

After I heard back from Netflix Dan posted a follow-up letting everyone know he was misinformed. This kind of stuff happens all the time in the entertainment and tech world, I just wanted to make sure everyone has the full and accurate story.

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