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Posted by on February 11, 2012 at 12:28 pm

As a New York City native I get the opportunity to attend events and shows around the area. One that I try to make every month was the The Engadget Show. I was a fan of the main editors at Engadget and their personalities worked great together to provide an entertaining hour of just talking about tech and interviewing big names in the industry. When the great “Engadget Exodus” of 2011 occurred I was concerned about the future of the show but luckily, Joshua Topolsky and company decided to continue their monthly show on their new website The Verge. Yesterday they had their second episode and it was a special one at that. Jimmy Fallon was the guest and with that came comedy.

Joshua has appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late show multiple times talking about new electronics and tech news and it appears they have a close friendship so it was not too surprising to see him as a guest on the show. Out of all the shows I’ve been too, this would have to be the funniest so far. Jimmy and Josh have a great back and forth chemistry, and although there was no breaking tech news per say, Jimmy had a few choice words to say about his Canon point and shoot recommended to him by Josh. I was able to capture the bulk of his rant:

Also Jimmy thought it would be worthwhile to show off his breakdancing skills to the On The Verge intro song:

After Jimmy Fallon made his exit a few other editors came out to speak with Josh and also provided some bitter sweet news. Joanna Stern, a long time tech editor was announcing she was leaving The Verge and joining ABC News. I’ve been a fan of Joanna’s reviews for a few years now and its sad to see her go, but I wish her luck in her future endeavors.

Overall, this show while light on tech this month was heavy on entertainment. Generally The Verge provides the show for streaming/download early next week. I’ll be sure to update my post as soon as its available so everyone can watch it.

Source: The Verge

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