George Takei Is The Best Thing To Hit Facebook Since…

Posted by on March 22, 2012 at 11:53 am

Man, don’t you remember the days when fake celebrity accounts on Facebook were just a drag? Sure, that Free iPad sounds super great and your interloper may have spent a super long time studying up on the celebrity they’re impersonating, but once the trick’s revealed, doesn’t the trick seem… less? Riding a new wave from last May’s “It’s Okay To Be Takei“, some glorious bastard has taken up the mantle (or Takei just hired a guy) to promote it with a cleverly updated Facebook page that seems to revel in its in-authenticity. Is George Takei the best thing to ever hit Facebook? Ever?

For those unaware, George Takei, known for his role as the flippantly gay-ish Sulu from the Star Trek Of The Late Sixties, is actually gay. To promote gay advocacy, Takei does speeches, stars in cheesy videos, and well, is gay. Being a socially conservative country like we are, the union of men and men or women and women is a controversial issue, so naturally feathers are to be ruffled in our nation while the rest of the world laughs at us (they’re still pretty relentless on that metric issue, too).

While the George Takei/IOTBT Facebook profiles are more than happy to promote gay causes and issue humorous rhetoric on the matter, it’s all buffered by mimetic posts that even your grandmother would approve of. That so many people (yes, myself included) share the content is a lesson learned in viral marketing. Take a somewhat popular cause, attach a bunch of pics that would’ve only amused the 4chan kids a few years ago, and then fling it out to the masses. Heck, even as a long-time “vet” of the modern internet, I was surprised at how well-curated the content is that goes up through either profile, considering it has a more charitable charity than some other people we know about.

So how much longer can this act go on? I don’t know, but I could sure use more hilarious cat pictures intertwined with my jabs at homophobic bigotry!

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