Shiny Toy Guns’ “Waiting Alone” – The First Single Off III – Is Available Now

Posted by on June 25, 2012 at 10:28 pm

It’s about bloody time. Many like myself have been waiting ages for the newest Shiny Toy Guns album – only their third ever – to finally emerge from the shroud of darkness and infiltrate our music players. The album, appropriately titled III, was on my watchlist last year when it was still slated for summer. Then it slid to fall. And then spring, and then we’re back at summer again and it’s still not out. They’re announcing the release date tomorrow, but it’s looking like Fall again now. Seriously guys, c’mon.

“Waiting Alone” is the first single off III, although technically that was “The Sun” from last year, and as an introductory track it’s indicative of things to come, but Shiny Toy Guns’ singles were never the selling point for me. I almost didn’t listen to We Are Pilots because I was tired of “Le Disko” (and in reality, the rest of the album sounds different), “Ricochet” didn’t do much for me, but Season of Poison was brilliant. This single lacks the pop punch of those songs in favor of a more melancholy ‘girl in longing’hook that sounds like a downbeat “The Girl and the Robot”. I missed Carah on Season of Poison, but I miss the optimism of “The Sun”.

Well, whatever. Bring on III. And Shiny Toy Guns, if you got some advance copies…

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