Jon Stewart Explains the Viacom/DirecTV Debacle

Posted by on July 17, 2012 at 7:35 pm

You’ve probably heard and/or have been affected by DirecTV pulling all 26 Viacom channels over a price increase. Twenty-six channels. MTV, Nick, BET, Spike, Comedy Central, etc. Both companies have been going back and forth fighting over “the captain’s chair on the Titanic” while the customers at DirecTV are being punished. DirecTV was even letting their customers know that while this is worked out they could watch their favorite shows on their websites. Viacom decided to pull those shows off the internet for a couple of day affecting even more people. They’re back now, FYI.

Jon Stewart hilariously explains what’s going on and that people are going to find another way to get that content, not legally or find other things to do like go outside or read a book and then both DirecTV and Viacom would be affected. Check out the video below and sorry if you are outside of the US, the video will probably not work…

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