HBO Streaming Only Plan Coming to Parts of Europe

Posted by on August 31, 2012 at 9:04 pm

I want this in the US

HBO has decided to bring the HBO Go service to the Nordic region for users without a cable/satellite subscription. Customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark will be able to access for less than 10 Euros a month online without a subscription to cable/satellite. Customers that currently have cable/satellite can add it to their packages also.

It’s not surprise that HBO is doing this as Netflix after Netflix announced plans to go into the same market by years end. You know, gotta cash in where you can. We’ve talked numerous times about how content like this needs to be made available to people without cable/satellite subscriptions. The issue is huge here in the US with cable companies and studios that don’t know how to adjust or simply won’t because it affects them squeezing that extra bit of money from people. Just take a look at how poorly NBC handled the Olympics.

I just had to throw this in when I was using Google translate: “We’re not quite sure what the monthly price will be yet, but it will certainly be less than 10 euros (73 dollars), perhaps as low as 5 euros (36 million), says Hervé Payan, head of HBO Nordic.” I’m talking about the cost from Euros to dollars. Hey, it was funny to me…

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