Dexter Season 7 Premieres Tonight

Posted by on September 30, 2012 at 1:26 pm

It’s cool. I kill people.

Tonight’s the night. Grab your knives and plastic wrap, kids, because Season 7 of Dexter premieres tonight on Showtime at 9pm ET/PT.

If you caught the Season 6 finale (and if you didn’t, stop reading now because, you know, SPOILERS AHEAD), then you know that the show turned a major corner in the last few seconds of the final episode.

Season 6 of Dexter was pretty lackluster compared to past seasons, but the show redeemed itself with the revelation that…

..Deborah has the hots for her brother, Dexter!

Okay, that’s not the real shocker. Well, it kind of is. But what really put us all in nail-biting suspense for the last nine months was the moment when Deborah saw Dexter plunge a knife into the Doomsday Killer’s chest.

For the last six seasons, Dexter has managed to keep his serial killer secret from everyone in his life, from his coworkers to his family. But as of now, that secret is no more. Now Dexter’s sister knows that he is a killer…

In the Jeff Lindsay books upon which the series is based, Deborah has known about Dexter’s serial killer side since the end of the first book. The television series has diverged greatly from the books since the first, and it has been all the better for it. In every way, the Showtime series is superior to the books. This is true particularly in the character department. Where the books have relegated Deborah to a flat, foul-mouthed side character that pops up every now and then to make profanity-laden demands of Dexter, the series has explored and challenged Deborah’s character.

Now that “it’s all on the table,” as the promos have put it, this is a game-changer for the series. Deborah is present in every facet of Dexter’s life. She babysits his son, bosses him around at work and, apparently, also seems to be in love with him . How will this revelation change the dynamic between Dexter and his sis? How will this alter his life at home, at work, and on the hunt for new victims?

Tune in tonight to find out! Same Serial Killer time, same Serial Killer channel…

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