Iron Sky Review: Space Nazis On The Moon? Okay!

Posted by on September 21, 2012 at 3:05 pm

No, it’s not Sky Captain…

Well, this is a weird one. In the first moments of Iron Sky, a pair of astronauts land on the moon and as they survey the landscape (sorry, moonscape) they come under fire by moon Nazis. Thus sets off two storylines: a Sarah Palin-esque President of 2018 is mad that her botched moon landing might cost her the election and the simultaneous unveiling of an entire Nazi society that has thrived on the moon since they left the Earth at the end of WWII. Yeah.

On the moon, the Nazis survive in a complex shaped like a swastika because, of course. Adler, the Fourth Reich’s second-in-command, is excited about their capture of an American astronaut and wants to use his connections to Earth’s leadership to prime the space Nazis’ invasion and supplant the current Führer (Udo Kier, of course). Adler’s future wife, Ranate, is a schoolteacher who prepares the next generation of Nazis for an era in which they bring peace to the Earth. She smuggles herself aboard Adler’s saucer-style spaceship as they take their hostage astronaut (who has been bleached Aryan as a “favor”) to visit the President of the Americas. Of course, the President takes their passionate threats a little less than seriously and enlists them for a new Nazi-inspired direction for her campaign.

Iron Sky is equal parts Sky Captain-esque fantasy and political satire, mostly at America’s expense (the production is a German-Finnish-Australian joint, yo), but the jabs are silly at best. The film is caked with pop references, including a recreation of the Hitler’s bunker meme from the climax of Downfall. I propose that if they had spent more time building the bizarre space Nazi drama and featured more space ship battles (the special effects are pretty good, by the way), instead of making silly Iraqi shoe/George W. Bush references, Iron Sky might’ve pulled away a winner. The concept is clever, but it just doesn’t take itself seriously enough.

Also, Udo Kier needed more screen time.

6/10 FleshEatingZipper

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