Dexter Season 7 Episode 4 Recap – “Run”

Posted by on October 22, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Serial killing is serious business.

When we left our hero last week, Dexter had just saved his sister Deb from yet another serial killer. Dexter had high hopes to bring his sister around to the idea that killing serial killers is not only a worthwhile use of his time, but a way to make the world a better place. Deb, however, is a stubborn one. She’s going to take more convincing. Read on for the spoilerific recap of last night’s episode “Run.”

Episode 4 opens with Dexter and Masuka doing a forensic sweep of the mausoleum where Speltzer used to hang out, each lunch and plan his serial killing. Unfortunately, Speltzer didn’t leave a single trace of DNA behind, so there’s no physical evidence of his murders.

Meanwhile, Deb falls asleep in the bath and has a really twisted, Rita-inspired dream. The bathtub fills with blood, she sees Dexter in a wedding tuxedo beckoning her, and no matter what Deb does she can’t turn the blood off. Man, girl’s got issues…

So the next day at work, Deb confronts Dexter about Rita’s death (finally). Dexter assures Deb that it was the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) who killed Rita because Dexter was on his tail. Dexter killed Trinity, but he was too late to save Rita. Deb blames Dexter for Rita’s death. Deb doesn’t relent either – she later tells Dexter to send his son Harrison away to live with Rita’s parents. She insists that Harrison is in danger every minute that he lives with Dexter. Dexter doesn’t agree, and in a truly creepy moment that identifies Dexter’s narcissism, he hisses at Deb, “EVERYTHING is in my control!”

The police arrest Speltzer and during the interrogation Deb goads Spelter into confessing that he’s a murderer, but the next day Spelzer is released on a Miranda Rights technicality. The police have nothing to hold Speltzer on – the best they can do is wait for him to kill again. This infuriates Deb. Meanwhile, Dexter runs into Hannah (The chick from Chuck), and she smiles wanly at him. It seems clear that Hannah has some sense of what kind of person Dexter really is and she enjoys toying with him.

The police from Miami Metro continue to harass the owners of the Fox Hole strip club in their search for Detective Anderson’s killer. Evil British Dude™ Isaak Sirko schemes to get the police off his back by giving them another suspect. In an extremely well-written scene, Isaak convinces the bartender to write a suicide note confessing to Anderson’s murder and then to shoot himself. The next day, the police find the bartender’s body and draw the expected conclusions, but Batista thinks the resolution is “too neat.” Later, we then find out exactly why Sirko is so keen to track Dexter down and exact revenge – the Ukrainian hitman that Dexter killed in the first episode was Sirko’s son. And that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into, Dexter…

Dexter sends Harrison to visit RIta’s parents – not because Deb told him to, but so he can be free to hunt down Speltzer. Dexter breaks into Speltzer’s RV, but Speltzer walks in before Dexter is ready. They fight and Speltzer knocks Dexter out. Dexter wakes inside of an abandoned building that Speltzer has converted into a huge labyrinth. Dexter finds a hand-written note from Speltzer that says simply, “RUN.”

Speltzer (dressed again as the minotaur) chases Dexter through the labyrinth, but Dexter is used to being the one doing the chasing and he tries to turn the tables on Speltzer. After some running and dodging and fighting in the labyrinth, including a creepy room full of mannequins, Dexter finally escapes the building and Speltzer’s clutches. Now that Speltzer knows what Dexter looks like, Dexter will have to be extra careful.

Deb attends the funeral of the waitress Speltzer killed. As she leaves, she sees Speltzer standing by his truck grinning from ear to ear at the hearse driving by. Deb loses it and tries to attack Speltzer with her shoe (doesn’t she have a gun?), but Batista pulls her away. Deb can’t stand that Speltzer is able to walk free and kill again when everyone knows that he’s guilty.

That night at the graveyard, Dexter lures Speltzer into a trap (he leaves a note that says “STAY”. Get it?) Dexter knocks Speltzer out with a shovel and Speltzer wakes to find himself strapped to a table in cremation furnace room. Speltzer curses and yells, but Dexter just mocks him. Dexter explains that normally he would cut Speltzer’s face and save a drop of his blood on a blood slide, but he’s not going to do that anymore. Because of what has happened with his sister, the time has come for Dexter to make some changes.

Dexter stabs Speltzer in the heart with a stake. Dexter then puts his box of blood slides on Speltzer’s chest and pushes Speltzer’s body into the cremation furnace. Speltzer – and Dexter’s box of trophies – go up in smoke.

Deb pulls up to the funeral home to find Dexter waiting for her. Dexter climbs into her car, admits that he’s surprised that she came, and then tells Deb that the smoke coming out of the furnace chimney is Speltzer. Deb admits that she’s glad. Then she asks, “What does that make me?”

“Human,” Dexter replies.

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