CBS Starts to Cave, Brings Shows to Hulu

Posted by on November 5, 2012 at 9:32 pm


Fox, NBC & ABC have a couple of things in common. Their shows are available on Hulu & they own Hulu. CBS has never had shows on Hulu. In fact, CBS owns where you can watch CBS shows. I don’t know why CBS decided not to have shows on Hulu. I always thought they were left out and pouting. Today that is all starting to change though.

Starting today, clips from Entertainment Tonight will be available on Hulu and this coming January you will be able to catch your favorite shows from CBS like; Medium, Numb3rs and CSI: Miami! Yes, I know these shows aren’t on the air anymore. I said CBS was starting to come around. Most of these shows will be available to Hulu Plus subscribers only but they may be rotating out some things to entice you to sign up for Hulu Plus so look out for that.

More than 2,600 episodes will be coming from CBS including some classic shows like, Star Trek, I Love Lucy and The Twilight Show. If you want to catch shows that are currently running you will have to continue watching them on TV or

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