How To Destroy New Angels’ New EP? The Omen? Garbage.

Posted by on November 21, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Everyone’s face is blurred out because they’re trying to disassociate from the band? I mean, it makes sense.

I like Nine Inch Nails, you should, too. As a bigger fan of Trent Reznor’s “The Fragile” and beyond, the minimalist sound of his Ghosts album makes far more sense to me than to someone who loved his overproduced work earlier on, namely on The Downward Spiral. Have you seen a video of him during his Downward Spiral work? Dude was caked up on drugs and swirling around the place with his bandmates. I think the floor was even coated in weird fluids for whatever reason. Well, anyway, Trent Reznor and his band, formed with wife Marqueen Maandig and long-time producer Atticus Ross (along with another dude whom I didn’t research), was pretty hot on their first EP, but their latest release, The Omen, another EP, is a far cry from that. What are they doing over there?

Can you blame Trent? Two years ago, he and Atticus Ross won Academy Awards for their splendid work developing the soundtrack for David Fincher’s The Social Network. They followed up by doing work on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the likes of which’s bleeps and bloops didn’t garner quite the same attention. So rather than come up with imaginative singles that would ignite the fire of the masses, their new album now channels the same vibe: that of music being attached to a movie, but lacking said movie. That’s right, How To Destroy Angels – the subsequent form of Nine Inch Nails – is producing super subtle work that doesn’t spur the imagination of anyone. It’s a soundtrack without a film. Like Trent Reznor’s Ghosts album, it’s a series of tracks that have little context being listened to at all. It’s just there. There’s little buildup, no traction, no vocals, it’s just there. Instrumentals, essentially. I imagine if you wanted to freak out your local discoteque, then How To Destroy Angels’ latest work is the bee’s knees, but here, it’s just unlistenable rubbish. Are you supposed to fill this shit in with your imagination? It’s just random crap happening in an audio program. What was the motivation? Where’s the crazy vocal work and amazing video (that I’ve posted above). It’s nowhere. It’s superficial, like the traffic cone your wheelwells just disposed of.

Don’t listen. Or, rather, do listen, but make sure you’re in bed and ready to fall asleep right afterward. Maybe not even a bed, but a flat, comfortable surface.

3/10 FleshEatingZipper

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