Kids Have It So Easy: Hulu To Launch Ad-Free Kids Section

Posted by on November 8, 2012 at 1:35 pm

Seriously, they can just pick whatever they want and… criminy.

When we moved back to the States in 1991, my loving mother had created a list of cartoons to watch, plucked from individual channels. It was five consecutive hours of cartoons to watch on Saturday morning including Macaulay Culkin’s “Wish Kid”, MC Hammer’s “Hammer Time” and “Yo Yogi!”, all lined up before the news started. In the afternoons we’d have Turtles and Power Rangers and would otherwise have to spend our days outside, y’know, playing. Kids have it so easy these days, they just don’t understand, and now Hulu’s going to make it even easier.

Well, imagine you’re young these days! As part of their Plus subscription, Hulu has 43 shows that you can watch on-demand and ad-free! Do you know how crazy that is? You don’t even have to wait for stuff to show up on channels! You just do what you want when you want with only your parents’ discretion to keep you in check! And you’ve got the internet! (I had e-mail, so I guess that’s the same.) And they’ve got iPod Touches and smartphones and they can just get a Hulu Plus app and watch it anywhere! What is this? They can be OUTSIDE and watch TV! Without COMMERCIALS! We’re setting our kids up for incredible laziness in no time flat! Our future is doomed!

Uh, but anyway, I can’t imagine having this kind of stuff as a kid. That’s just too much freedom.

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