‘The Walking Dead’ Review: Season 3, Episode 5 – “Say The Word”

Posted by on November 11, 2012 at 11:56 pm

You’re so hot when you’re about murdering zombies.

Last week, we covered The Walking Dead’s third season up until now. With episode five now in the pipe, it’s time to move right along! Spoilers!


As the episode opens, we see The Governor grooming a young zombie girl who starts to have a fit. I haven’t read any of the books, but this is a major backstory reveal. He struggles to contain her, a loved one from his travels before Woodbury, and Michonne manages to catch a mean glance at him while his office’s blinds shelter the zombie girl from view. Michonne later sneaks into his office to retrieve her sword while The Governor and his staff prepare for that evening’s festivities, perhaps a show to entice Michonne and Andrea to stay in their colony. Later, she comes upon a pen of walkers which she releases and hacks to bits, only to be caught by The Governor’s staff, who somehow manage to restrain her. That’s odd. The Governor explains he’s willing to overlook her break-in if she joins his “Research Team”, at which point she snaps her sword away, tipping her blade at his jugular.

The Governor explains to Andrea – in his cool, southern style – that Michonne is a liability and she should do his best to keep her on tap. Andrea and Michonne argue, the latter pushing that there is something sinister going on behind the scenes that The Governor isn’t explaining – because there is, duh – but like one of those annoying movies with a kid actor, she just can’t see what’s obviously going on around her and continues to be The Governor’s yuppy. Michonne leaves after a tense exchange with Merle at the gates and Andrea is now alone in Woodbury. That night the festivities are revealed: a fighting match in which tethered zombies – acquired earlier in the episode and defanged – await the fighters should they leave the safety of the ring. Andrea finds this revolting and The Governor again works his magic, telling her these fixed matches are designed to keep the citizens of Woodbury from fearing the walkers.

The Prison

Following the birth of Lori’s daughter, the race is on to find some formula the babe lest she perish, unsustained in their terrible, terrible world. Glen and the two new prisoners dig graves for the three presumed lost, including Carol, who I didn’t realize was MIA, while Maggie and Daryl hunt for baby formula in an abandoned daycare. Father (or not?) Rick has gone batshit insane and is now hacking through the prison on his way to find his dead wife. When Glen confronts him, he’s physically tossed aside in a primal fit. Rick is clearly off his rocker, but it’s not helped when he discovers his wife’s last whereabouts. Carl didn’t shoot his mom, Rick finds the bullet buried in the concrete floor. Down the hall, Rick discovers that a lone zombie had eaten her remains, a twisted fate. He proceeds to dispose of the zombie and mutilate the, uh, corpse. As the episode closes, a phone perched near Rick begins to ring.


Still plenty of violence, but Andrea irritated the hell out of me. Lots of transitional action that will eventually pay out, but not much payoff in here.

8/10 FleshEatingZipper

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