Why Are We Addicted to Reality TV Shows?

Posted by on November 28, 2012 at 11:19 pm

Got to bring in the memes.

I’m not talking about Jersey Shore, at least for me that is. The stuff I’m watching is like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Duck Dynasty and others. For over two years I didn’t have cable and never saw these shows unless I went to my Mom’s. There would of course be a marathon of one of these shows and I could easily blow an entire day watching every episode.

Let’s talk about the shows like Pawn Stars, is it that we want to see how much something is worth or how much the person gets offered? I think with these shows its both, you probably have something old in your house that you think is worth money and you want to see what things are worth. Take Antiques Roadshow, I watch that saying, no way that’s worth that much. With the pawn shows, they take it to the next level and show what people would get and we are all like, c’mon you’re getting ripped off!

Now Storage Wars & American Pickers. I watch these shows because I want to see how much people make from finding forgotten or lost trash/treasure. You start thinking to yourself that you can do this stuff also. I have on numerous times, looked up storage auctions in my city. I know that I would lose money so I kept myself from doing it.

Just like above, when I’m watching shows like Duck Dynasty, Billy the Terminator or Moonshiners I’m attracted to these shows because I like to see different professions that maybe I could have gone into. The personalities and seeing what they get into help ease watching these shows.

Well now I have cable at my house and anytime I sit down to eat I can count on turning on the TV and one of those reality shows will be on. I have to pull myself away from these shows to get work done. Are you guys addicted to reality shows and why are? Let me know, guys!

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