Adult Swim Puts Banned Dexter’s Laboratory Episode Online

Posted by on January 23, 2013 at 8:40 am
DEEDEE! But seriously, cut it out.

DEEDEE! But seriously, cut it out.

I didn’t get Cartoon Network until I was almost a teenager, but I loved Dexter’s Laboratory. Eccentric and wild-brained Dexter just wants to build crazy stuff and is held in check by his malicious-or-well-intending dopey sister Deedee in episode after episode. They did a number of these things and then did a second run years later – which always fails in cartoons, always – but in its heyday under the watchful eye of Genndy Tartakovsky, produced an episode so harsh that they prohibited it from ever airing on the CN.

Until now.

…and I’ve got it embedded below.

Adult Swim, purveyor of late-night adult cartoon content, and other adult non-cartoon content, polled Twitter to ask if they should unveil the banned episode called “Rude Removal” in which Dexter intends to extract the rudeness from his meddling sister when they both end up in the chamber and alternate, mean as hell versions wind up on the other end. It’s not long after the evil versions of the duo materialize that you have no doubt as to why the cartoon was never seen outside of hushed convention halls for over fifteen years. Of course, this was the one kid’s show in which the word ‘crap’ was uttered by a substitute teacher at Dexter’s school. That was some pretty dirty language to deal with!

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