Best Pre-Super Bowl Commercials You Can Watch Right Now!

Posted by on January 30, 2013 at 12:05 pm
Robin Williams is a tough coach!

Robin Williams is a tough coach!

Like many others out there, my favorite part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Every year I get excited around this time and see what’s been released early. Last year is was the year of teasers for commercials and this year it seems to be about the same, except we are seeing trailers that are either just as long as the commercial would be or longer, seriously. There was one big surprise to me that made my list and that was Go Daddy. One of their commercials is no at all raunchy and really funny.

Let’s start with Doritos. Every year they crowd source their commercials for lots of cash and they get pretty funny. The first one had me laughing uncontrollably for five minutes while the second was pretty good also.

Doritos – Goat 4 Sale

Doritos – Fetch

Next up is that surprising one for Go Daddy. They decided they would have more than just raunchy commercials trying to take you to their website to see the uncensored version. Danica Patrick cameos in this commercial and if you need more hot women in your life don’t worry, Go Daddy will also have a raunchy commercial with Danica Patrick alongside Bar Refaeli.

Go Daddy – YourBigIdea.CO

Snickers has been doing those, eat a Snickers because you act differently commercials for awhile starting out with Betty White. Well now they’ve got Robin Williams to join in the fun. This is probably the best commercial in that series.

Snickers – Coach

Last year Audi made fun of vampires with their LED headlights having the same power and look as the sun. This year, they are showing how brave they are when a dad lets his son take his S6 to prom. There are actually three different ending to this and the one that is available online is not my favorite.

Audi – Prom

The other endings were him riding on the bridge with his friends saying that was awesome and hooting and then my favorite was he got home and saw a picture of his mom & dad and his dad had a black eye.

Last year Chevy Sonic brought you Fun. Not actual fun, but the band Fun. Guess what? You get to hear the same song again but for Taco Bell and this time it’s in Spanish.

Taco Bell – Viva Young

I might write a follow-up after the Super Bowl if there are any other good ones that weren’t released yet.

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