Finally, Warner Brothers Brings Us An Entourage Movie To Send The Series Out In Style

Posted by on January 30, 2013 at 10:37 pm
Eight seasons and a movie!

Eight seasons and a movie!

It’s been nearly a decade since Entourage took to HBO’s airwaves (or cable waves?) to bring us a slightly fudged story of how one gets big in Hollywood. Following rising star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his friends from New York through all the misogyny, drug use, and frenzied movie deals that reportedly come with the rise of a blockbuster actor, we were left with a pretty dull thud of a final season. Loosely modeled after Mark Wahlberg’s real-life adventures of moving on up through the celebrity mosh pit, there were hopes that any last dollars in the Entourage bank would be put towards a film to tie up all the loose ends. Well, it’s finally coming.

Let’s be fair: Entourage is not a smart series by any meaning. At one point, the show was an elaborate (and expensive) romp with helicopter shots, tropical paradises, exotic super cars, lavish night clubs, and high-tier celebrity guest stars that backed the story of Vincent Chase falling in and out of love with projects while he gained and lost all his money. The wheeling and dealing that involved his agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven, who was born for the role) created some juicy melodrama between these players. Basically, it’s like Parenthood, but with all that stuff I mentioned earlier instead of wholesome family values. After a time, the show got repetitive as we kept hitting the same story beats for the second or third time, concluding with some over-the-top theatrics, like Vincent heading off to rehab after a poorly-introduced drug addiction left him burning bridges left and right.

So it would make sense that the final resting place of a show about making movies would be an actual movie, right? Warner Brothers is bringing this to life with the same production crew behind the series, including writer/director Doug Ellin who will carry those duties in the film as well. While Entourage’s star has been on the decline for some time, this may be that one last love affair/car chase/Gold rant/empire destroying tirade we’ve been waiting for.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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