Dear Disney, Please Don’t Run Star Wars Into The Ground

Posted by on February 6, 2013 at 8:46 am
Imagine this, but much more!

Imagine this, but much, much more!

This article’s headline seems like a cruel joke after we spent six years putting up with George Lucas’s prequel trilogy, but Lucas had something going on in his favor: scarcity. With three years between movies and only three movies, as he claimed, left in the saga, the movies felt more epic because their quantities were less. With some recent transactions, Disney is the new owner of all these old Lucas heirlooms and have framed some grand designs for the next decade and it includes a lot of Star Wars. A lot more Star Wars. Is it really for the better, though?

In an interview with CNBC, Disney CEO Bob Iger indicated that they’ll have this sequel trilogy knocked out in the next six years, trimming a year off the delay between previous movies. Are they going to skim on the quality or are they going to throw the wallet at their production? Hard to say at this point, but it’s not only the sequel trilogy they’ll be working on, Iger indicates that they’ll be working on standalone movies feature individual characters.

Look, I grew up on Star Wars. I know it’s a big universe. The problem is that Star Wars is defined by the films. When you start making $150 million films, let’s just guess about five or so at least in the next decade, you start diluting the power of the series. Star Wars is money and Lucas knew that, but since he was the dictator, output was dictated by his pace.

And it’s not just movies that will come from the reign of these new Mickey Mouse overlords, but a proliferation of Star Wars media altogether. Sure, this allows a lot more creative minds to tackle this once-chambered franchise, but how much will people be able to take before there’s simply far too much? Further, how much more can we derive from Star Wars when LucasArts is being steered toward mobile and casual games instead of more serious content that the publisher was once known for?

Source: The Verge

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