Amazon Purchases Goodreads, Deal To Close In Next Few Months

Posted by on March 29, 2013 at 4:09 pm
It makes sense, really.

It makes sense, really.

In a move that makes absolute complete sense, so much so that I wonder why they didn’t a long time ago, Amazon has purchased book logger Goodreads, which will soon join the likes of IMDB and Box Office Mojo in their ever-growing “entertainment utility” properties.

If you read books, a Goodreads accounts should be mandatory. I joined about a year ago since I began to sink money into Kindle books rather than physical ones a few years back and being able to sort everything I’ve read then rate it, share it, and see what other people thought is incredible. You can also research books you’d like to read and build lists all the same. It’s like Foursquare meets IMDB, but for books. (Weird analogy, but roll with it for a moment.) The service was already tied into Amazon’s API for books, but having the functionality built into Kindle hardware and its standalone app going forward is an amazing opportunity.

Source: Goodreads

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