Complex’s ‘Top 40 Hottest Women In Tech’ Is Possibly The Worst Thing You’ll See Today

Posted by on March 22, 2013 at 2:22 pm
"We need to post hot women, but of what occupation?"

“We need to post hot women, but of what occupation?”

Ripping a page straight out of the year 1999, a few pages after the Y2K preparations, Complex has brought us not only a lazy listicle (a Top <number> article that simply lists things, a fad that only is authorized to use at this point), but a lazy listicle about the hottest women in tech. At a time when the internet is still buzzing about Adria Richards, the product evangelist of SendGrid who was fired for the firestorm she caused getting some other developers fired with a tweet, seeing a remarkable gem like this appear is perhaps the least classy thing possible

You don’t need to be a feminist to see how degrading this is. Across forty-one pages, Complex is not only using one of the oldest fall-backs for traffic, but being insensitive at a time when women in tech are wanting more women to be in tech, Facebook CEO’s Sheryl Sandberg sounding the hornet loud with the release of her latest book, Leaning In. I think women should be more involved in tech, gaming, or other traditionally male fields too, not to the point of a kind of affirmative action, but to the extent that it’s cool to see women working on that sort of thing.

Well, thanks Complex. You guys are great.

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