‘Dredd’ Producer Says “Probably Not” In Regards To Sequel

Posted by on March 27, 2013 at 11:50 am
Don't go away, Dredd!

Don’t go away, Dredd!

There just aren’t enough Russells in the world. While he went to see Dredd in theaters (and loved it), Kelly and I waited until months later when it surfaced on VOD to see it (and loved it). Unfortunately, it appears the film’s poor box office showing has doomed any future installments in the series, as a producer on the film is not so confident about a sequel.

Yes, all this is despite the fact that the secondary/home movie market for Dredd has been pretty good. I mean, if it can vindicate the returns of Family Guy and a movie like Serenity, where is the Dredd love? If you haven’t seen it, where is yours? A stylish and violent action film that’s also incredibly clever and charming with a deep-cutting electronic score, Dredd is a must-see for anyone with a pulse (or has their parents’ permission). Said producer, Adi Shankar, says he’s working on a Dredd-based short film. Hmm.

Make it happen, international companies that run that shindig!

Source: Reddit via Ain’t It Cool News

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