‘Prometheus’ Sequels Stuck Because No One Knows What Came Next [UPDATED]

Posted by on March 27, 2013 at 2:29 pm
A galaxy full of stars and nowhere to go.

A galaxy full of stars and nowhere to go.

I enjoyed Prometheus when it debuted last summer and I seem to enjoy it even more now. I could look over a few shortcomings in the narrative in my love for this first space-based science-fiction film in what feels like an era. Visually stunning, thematically interesting (if a little nebulous) with an amazing performance by Michael Fassbender as the Prometheus’ pet robot, the movie was striking to say the least. It’s no Alien, which is perfectly acceptable, but that might be part of the problem.

When John Spaights sat down to write the film with Ridley Scott, there were designs for a full trilogy of films. The first would be a prequel to set up the Alien films while the sequels would build on it, independent to chase new ideas, namely the origin of Engineers and tracing their home planet. Things didn’t go quite that way, though and Lost writer Damon Lindelof was brought in to make the film what it ultimately became. With Shaw and David’s head now free to roam the galaxy in the Engineers’ ship, it appears they could really do anything, but the struggle to find something compelling in a follow-up film is driving Scott and crew mad. Unfortunately, I fear that a ‘make it up as we go along’ approach from the random pitches that Scott is receiving for the films may just ruin everything.

I think I need to watch Prometheus again.

UPDATE: Slashfilm actually got to chat with Lindelof, who said that ‘Yeah, I was busy after Prometheus and couldn’t provide guidance.’

Source: Bloody Disgusting via Ain’t It Cool News

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