‘Strip Search’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “Ducks”

Posted by on March 15, 2013 at 10:14 am
Now with 100% more outdoors.

Now with 100% more outdoors.

I’d been concerned about Strip Search’s sluggish pacing and short episodes so far, but today’s episode brought a big ol’ smile to my face. When the contestants are taken to a ravishing parking lot, the excitement only begins!

That’s right, the contestants are told to bundle up for Seattle’s brisk and humid weather (including fellow Phoenician Tavis) because they’re being taken on a sight-seeing tour in an amphibious duck. To be fair, it might’ve been just as informative for me, having never been to Seattle, as it was for the artists. Of course, having been to the Pacific Northwest, it was nice to not have to deal with the cold seabreeze. Going on the water, I might’ve also been uneasy about that…

After their return to the Strip Search house, they’re quizzed over the duck captain’s battery of tourist-y facts and the answers end up pretty dire at points. Lexxy wins, receiving a massive Cintiq as a prize, which is madness. I don’t know if it’s how the show is presented, but Lexxy seemed like the most serious person in the group. Has anyone else noticed how adorable Monica is? I hope it’s not just me!

Unfortunately, the show ends right as they tease next week’s episode: a job interview. Oooh.

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