‘Strip Search’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Pushing Buttons”

Posted by on March 19, 2013 at 10:03 am
Things get intense!

Things get intense!

Hoo boy! We’re now onto our second major challenge for our Strip Search contestants and it is a doozy! Not even an elimination round with Jerry and Mike can quite hold up to this.

In what may produce the most pull quotes of any episode in the series, the contestants are submitted to a media interview. As host Graham explains, in a small company like Penny Arcade, everyone shares the load on public relations. If a journalist sweeps in from out of the rafters, like a bat, it’s up to them to be quick on their feet and be resourceful enough to handle them. Lexxy was first up and she was tackled head-on about her tardiness and a seeming lack of commitment when the crew showed up to her hotel room in the pilot episode and she told them to stand down while she finished a freelance gig. The others were each subjected to unique jabs while interviewer AJ Glasser asked Mac to sing a song? Perhaps to throw him off? I’m no fancy-pancy, old-timey journalist or nothin’ *twirls pocket watch*, but I found that to be odd, perhaps for the sake of theatrics.

In the end, “Cool” Nick came out on top, left with the brutal task of picking two of his fellows to go to the slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong two. I adore Monica, but she and the second-time-at-bat Lexxy needed to go, not Ty and Katie. Katie, again. Now the wait until Friday to see how these two fare in the elimination challenge.

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