‘Strip Search’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 “You Are Your Brand”

Posted by on March 29, 2013 at 8:49 am
Scott Kurtz arrives to troll the crowd.

Scott Kurtz arrives to troll the crowd.

This week’s challenge involved a lot of brain power and not a lot of art, which seems like it’d lead to a tame episode. Fortunately for us, the variety of responses here as the contestants are challenged to build their brand over social media was interesting as PVP’s Scott Kurtz graded them.

Presented with five questions, the artists had to respond to barbs, umcomfortable social engagements, and promote themselves all the same. Because this is a show that must A) entice viewers to keep watching and B) be edited down to acceptable proportions, the results focused on what Scott Kurtz felt were troubled areas. As a result, some questions were skimmed and some contestants, like the wait-to-the-last-minute-to-submit Mac, didn’t get addressed at all. Did I feel Lexxy spoke out of turn in objecting to most everything Scott said in regards to leveling with Twitter trolls? Sure. She says she already engages her Twitter followers in ways that justify her answers, but this is Scott Kurtz she’s stopping the entire show to argue with. Tavis, who believe he was being bold by not responding at all – which is a fair response most of the time – tucked him out of competition, too. Both will face elimination next week and that sounds like a nice mix-up from Katie v. Whomever from previous eliminations.

Of course, it appears Lexxy will have issues with time management (again) if our teaser is to be believed.

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