‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Successfully Funded Through Kickstarter, Breaks Records

Posted by on March 13, 2013 at 8:00 pm
Just doing some surveillance.

Just doing some surveillance.

Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign this morning to fund a Veronica Mars movie. It went viral and amassed $1 million in less than four hours, making it the fastest project to raise $1 million on Kickstarter ever. That’s not all: in less than twelve hours they raised the entire asking amount of $2 million.

“My mind is blown. I’ve been fantasizing about this taking big and had to tell myself, ‘Stop it, Rob, you’re being silly. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment,'” Thomas told Entertainment Weekly. I honestly didn’t know if it would make it since it’s been rumored to be in limbo since the show ended. Warner Bros, who owns the rights, said they would distribute it if it reached its goal.

“I knew Veronica Mars fans were cool, but I had no idea they could rally with such power. They are unstoppable — just like Veronica. I will have a permanent blush on my face, feeling so lucky to be associated with this entire thing,” Bell told EW. The movie is being shot this summer with a limited theatrical release. You can still back the Kickstarter project here and receive the film as DVD, Blu-ray, digital or all three depending on the level you back it at. Other bonuses includes the show on DVD or Kristen Bell and other cast members doing a voicemail greeting. You can even get Kristen and Rob to follow you on Twitter.

I’m happy that it did make it though. Heck, I even put in $100 myself.

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