Backstreet Boys To Receive Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Because Of Course

Posted by on April 22, 2013 at 10:01 am
Don't you remember all those crazy millennial-era sci-fi typefaces? I sure do.

Don’t you remember all those crazy millennial-era sci-fi typefaces? I sure do.

In 1998, it didn’t make much sense to me why there would be a song on the Backstreet Boys’ self-titled first album called ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’ when, obviously, it was their first album and they weren’t back from anything. I asked my fellow eighth-graders how this made any sense at all and they shrugged. Of course, it wasn’t until fourteen years later that I realized that the Backstreet Boys, despite being from Orlando, launched their empire overseas with the help of Swedish pop producer Max Martin before bringing it to America with their second album. Also, that single wasn’t pushed to retail and radio until a re-issue, so there you go.

If this were 2000, you’d get a lot of responses when asked “Backstreet Boys or ‘N Sync?” (No, 98 Degrees is not a valid option.) While Justin Timberlake’s had an impressive post-boy band career, none of his bandmates met the same success and the Backstreet Boys were still pretty much the Backstreet Boys, last I saw. Their direction’s changed a bit since they were all the rage and they say that this newest album they’re putting together, marking two decades of making blisteringly poppy music. Has it been that long? Damn I feel old.

To close out this mild retrospective, I give you the best music video ever made. Congrats BSB, you deserved it?

Source: Variety

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