Can’t Marathon 6 Star Wars Films? Just Watch Them All At Once!

Posted by on April 4, 2013 at 5:59 pm
All of these things, happening at once.

All of these things, happening at once.

Sometimes you’re just too busy to tackle the arc of Anakin Skywalker end-to-end, which takes hours and hours and you’ve got other things to do. Perhaps, just maybe, you don’t want to deal with the individual… issues of those prequel films. Don’t fret! Before the inevitable takedown notice, you can watch all of Star Wars playing in full 1080p! Why, I’ve even included it below!

Some quick observations:

The minor inconsistencies of the opening of each film. John Williams’ opening theme is amazing to hear rebounding off itself, except not quite. Return of the Jedi has a pretty flat scroll compared to the others, which is weird. You’d think they’d have standards for those things at this point.

The last line of Return of the Jedi rolls off the screen, leaving the original trilogy completely over, before the first end credit title card appears in Episode I. Basically, the prequel trilogy outstays its welcome. Attack of the Clones felt like it took forever because it did take forever.

This is actually a very pleasant way to experience Star Wars, provided you don’t care for the drama of any particular film and have seem them all already.

Thanks, Irving!

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